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Hello Sinoj

Im a 60 year old retired Paramedic.I grew up in a house in New England and I know their is something there that is NOT good.Bad luck has ruled Our family in every conceivable way. Im a Roman Catholic however also have a heavy background in Earth / Space Science including anatomy & physiology. Im standing on the fence so to speak regarding spirit life NDEs etc.

I know that I have a sensitivity which comes from Moms side of the family. My grown Daughter also has it.We can sense peoples emotions , We get either a good or bad vibe .  We can sense what We believe are spirits or whatever unseen forces that may be in Our presence.

My Daughter and Mother have seen spirits that appeard to be almost solid then vanish, I have only seen object move and shadows pass from one wall to another. Twice I heard My name whispered in one ear as if they were standing right next to me yet no one was there.

As a man of science I believe their are both negative and positive forces out there. I believe in jesus Christ and have seen His bust at the Crusifiction in a dream in which He looked so real  like looking at a live person. I do not know the meaning of this dream however I can tell You that I was going through a most difficult grief period over a loved one that had passed. I considered suicide the night before this dream.

That was 9 years ago and once again I have lost another loved one however not thinking about suicide as that is against My religion. Now for My questions.

Its My understanding that by just saying the name of Jesus We can protect Ourselves from negative spirits etc is that true ?  Also could it be possible that for whatever reason a negative energy field is in and around Our property .

When I was a child I use to have nightmares each night as did My Younger brother. I would dream that I was covered in insects under My sheet and would wake up in the middle of the night and shake off the sheets believing that their were insects.

One night with the night light on a spirit of an indian stood in our doorway . His arms where straight out and He had a bear skin over the top of His body and half way down his face . All I could see was His lips and chin. He did not do anything just stood there then vanished.

My Mother use to hear the sounds of drums and chanting in the middle of the night however could not find the source. Footsteps were often heard across the attic wood floor. I have NO idea what all this is however I am open to Your opinion.

thanks Paul.  PS My Daughter and I have seen or felt spirits in many buildings.

Hello Paul,   

  Thank you for writing to All Experts with your questions and concerns and for your patience in awaiting a reply. The expert that you asked was unable to supply a reply, thus the answer from me.

  It is common for psychical abilities to run in families and it is common for the trait to be stronger in women than in men. I believe that this is mainly due to the M-factor, as I refer to it, the Macho factor, where men tend to attempt to hide, suppress  or rationalize feelings and therefore block their intuition. It is interesting to note that psychical ability/mediumship is strongest, in descending order in 1-women, 2- gay men, -3 men. It is said that everyone has a dormant psychical ability, and that could well be true. But it is stronger in some than most, and they are usually born into a psychic family. Children as a rule have the ability to sense and possibly communicate with the deceased. Most lose that talent over time. Obviously you and your family have such an ability. I hesitate to call it a gift as some consider it a curse. They would rather not have the deceased forever popping in for a tête–à–tête on a regular bases.

  I am not surprised at the dream you had of Christ. You are a man of faith and on a conscious and subconscious level you likely fell back upon that faith in a period of deep emotion and despair. From a psychological point of view the experience is completely within the scope of a expected and normal response to the stresses that you were facing. From a religious view point having a vivid dream [some would say a visit] from Christ could hardly be out of the ordinary and would be considered natural for your faith. Therefore nothing “paranormal” nor ”supernatural” took place.

  Paul, as in many cases where an expert is consulted, a questioner will naturally try to find one who has similar beliefs to his own. This is natural. It is often a subconscious decision. It can also be detrimental in finding an unbiased response. Often is the case where the questioner is not so much looking for an answer but rather confirmation or support. You asked a fellow Roman Catholic whether is is true if by just saying the name of Jesus Christ if one can be protected from negative spirits, etc. Let's be  honest Paul, what would you expect the reply of a Roman Catholic who according to his profile will, “...only do the service for people who believe in God.” be? Do you think that the reply might be slanted and biased towards your common belief? However in response to your question, the answer is No. One can not “just” say the name of Christ [or Allah, or YHVH, or Buddha or who have you], one must have complete and total faith in Christ [or who have you]. Anything less is just lip service. That goes for any religion , belief or non-belief system. There is a lot of emphasis to be placed in the meaning of the word “faith”.

  I will warn you that if you do ask for the help of Christ that you keep your requests internal. By that I mean ask for for protection from evil and negative energies in general and not directed toward any entity in specific. Not until you know who or what you are dealing with. Christ may be the head of your faith, he is not the head of everyone's faith. I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone's religion in the next comment. Paul, assume for a moment that you have passed on. You are now a ghost haunting your home. Remember now that you are in death as you were in life so you are a Roman Catholic ghost. A Muslim family [only for example] moves in and a few of them sense your presence.  They now try to deal with you in the name of Allah and Mohammed. Do you see where I am going with this? Certain ghosts would get royally upset with that and a bad situation can quickly come to a full boil.  You have no idea how many people have tried the priest/blessing/holy water thing and have whatever is causing the havoc to come back 100 time stronger than before because they have ho idea of the personal  beliefs of the energy they are dealing with. I am not saying that you should not do what you feel best and what is in your heart. Just beware that the consequences can be dire.

  Let's look at the situation of the bad luck from a more scientific point of view. The pineal gland of the brain is believed to center the psychic energies of the body. It is known as the third or inner eye in more esoteric beliefs. It is also called the ajna chakra. However this gland is important in the production of melatonin. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is a precursor to melatonin. Serotonin levels are also strongly associated with depression. This is why so many anti-depressant medications fall into the category of SSRI's or Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors.  Melatonin has been linked to increased mystical experiences. It may be hard to see where I am going with this so I'll try to break it down. You and your family have psychic abilities. Psychic abilities in part may have a link to melatonin. Melatonin is affected by Serotonin. Serotonin is linked to depression. Depressed people often live in a world plagued by “bad luck” and negativity. What I am suggesting based on my knowledge is that there a possibility that you may be suffering from clinical depression. Incidentally, like psychic abilities, clinical depression runs in families. Please take the following two tests:

  You may wish to use the following to help you cope in the event that there are actually a few negative energies around you and yours. You may also wish to perform a simple saging/cleansing ceremony. Bear in mind that not all negative energy in a place comes from external sources. Our own actions and reactions contribute to an atmosphere that is negative. It builds up over time. I can get you instructions on how to do one. Once the energies are cleared up, and that may take more than one cleansing, then you are safe to have the house blessed. In the mean time use the following nightly.

"I require and request the presence of the Archangels and the Beings of the Pure White Light.
To the South, Michael (Mee-Kah-Ehl)
To the North, Auriel (Ahh-Ree-Ehl)
To the East, Raphael (Rah- Phah-Ehl)
To the West, Gabriel (Gah-Bree-Ehl)
I call upon My Guides, Guardians and Protectors of the Pure White Light
I ask that you surround me and my home with your strength and protection
I ask that you fill my being and this place with the pure light with your unconditional love and compassion.
I ask that you fill my being and this place with the pure light of your unconditional forgiveness and peace.
I ask that my Gatekeeper keep all malicious, malevolent, evil and negative energies, entities, beings and all earthbound souls away from my being, my possessions and this home.
I ask that my protectors surround me at all times and in all places with the shield of pure protective light.
I ask this in the name of all that is holy and good.
As I as, please let it be."
  I hope that this has helped clear up some of the questions and concerns that you have. If there is anything else that I can help with let me know. If you need the answer from the original expert you will have to keep referring back to this site in regard to his availability.

Warm Regards,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings  

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