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I have a question about haunted dolls. Why don't people get rid of them once they know they're haunted? So many people put them behind glass in museums or in the care of haunted doll collectors, (even ones like Annabelle who are still dangerous. Is there some reason that they aren't being destroyed or exorcized?

I ask because my mom has a haunted doll.  It was a doll she made about 40 years ago.  It's been nothing special, just a doll that sat on a shelf of hers for years and nobody thought anything of it. Then I moved out and she took over my bedroom and placed the doll on a chair facing her bed. One night when I was over she took me to her new bedroom and said, "I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but - " and just as she said that I looked at the doll and jumped five feet back when I realized that it looked sorrowful, alive.  It looked stricken with pain and sadness.  That was what she was about to tell me - that the doll seems to have facial expressions and seems ...almost human, and sad.  My mom started talking to her and washed her little dress and one day when we didn't mean for it to happen my daughter grabbed the doll and started playing with it. When the doll was put back she looked happy.  To be safe my mom put a cross around the doll's neck, but the more we engaged the doll we'd see her eyes and mouth change to look bright and happy.  We see her mouth move, and from time to time she's ever so slightly in a different position in her chair, almost un-noticable. nothing in her presence has ever been creepy - no hidden or moved objects or anything like that. My mom moved a few years ago and the doll seemed happier still.  We see no evidence that she's bad, but nonetheless I am skeptical it would remain good forever.  Could this all be linked somehow to the fact that old house was haunted? Growing up there was a ton of ghost activity in the house, but nothing sinister.  If it got out of hand we'd tell the ghost to knock it off and it usually would stop for a few months. At the same time as the doll became animated many of the other household disturbances seemed to stop, though my mother blamed that on me, saying she believes the paranormal forces came from me all along, since all of them happened when I was there, or to me directly. She thought it could possibly have been my own mind power making stuff fly across the room. I can't deny that such things haven't followed me since I've moved out, but I still don't think it was me.  And oddly enough after the doll became animated a new and much darker presence appeared in the basement suddenly. We'd hear footsteps up and down the stairs and there was a sense of fear. My daughter once opened the basement door when she was a year old and jumped back as though she was confronted by something on the other wise of it (this was moments after hearing the steps) and she stared wide-eyed into the stairwell held almost spell bound, until she finally cried and ran away and never went near them again for several months. I saw nothing there but whatever was there scared her good.  but it was new - stuff we'd never seen or heard the likes of. I personally think it's the reason the doll looked so happy to have moved. Can you make sense of any of this? Was our little poltergeist secretly keeping at bay a bad entity? and when the poltergeist went into the doll to run away from the bad thing did the bad thing come out of hiding?  Is this plausible?  I guess what I'm saying is, Can you make sense of any of this or how it all began with the doll, or why maybe? and if so, should we be concerned what will happen to this doll when my mom passes away?  Would it be bad to destroy it? if not should we do it sooner rather than later?  What do we do here? there is no evidence this doll is bad, but secretly I'm worried for my own safely if I inherit it and even have wonders about what will or could happen to my mom's soul if she passes. Could the doll trap it?  How could we make sure that never happens?

Banishing Pentacle
Banishing Pentacle  

Archangel Michael\'s seal
Archangel Michael's se  
Hello to Ontario [as you didn't include your name in the letter I wont here],

  This is why I love this avocation, I never know what type of situation I'll run into to. Although I'm aware of haunted dolls, the subject has always been on the back shelf. Thanks for bringing it forward.

  To briefly answer your first concerns regarding why people don't simply get rid of them depends if the entity is part of the doll itself or a "free spirit" so to speak, and just hangs out in the doll. If the person or home is haunted, then getting rid of it's refuge will not get rid of the entity, it will only tick it off. It would be as if somebody threw out your bed, you wouldn't necessarily leave home but I imagine that you'd be pretty mad. In a case like that it is the home that needs a cleansing to get rid of the entity [doll included in the ceremony]

  Now if it is the doll itself that has taken on an evil persona burying the doll would be the best bet. First I would bathe it over night in Kosher salt water [you can add sage to the bath if you wish.] Next I would put a liberal amount of Sea or Kosher [I'd use Kosher] salt in a box large enough to hold the doll. I would draw a pentacle on its chest or forehead. I would also place the name of Michael the Archangel over its body. I have included it as an image. Copy and print it and use as a "blanket". Bury it somewhere away from your home, a wooded area would be fine. Over the "grave" I would say these words:

"I require and request the presence of the Archangels and beings of the Pure White Light
To the South, Michael. ( Mee-Kah-Ehl )
To the North, Auriel  ( Ah-Ree-Ehl )
To the East, Raphael. ( Rah-Phah-Ehl )
To the West, Gabriel. ( Gah-Bree-Ehl )
To surround me, my Guides, Guardians and Protectors.

" I ask that you surround me with your strength and protection. I ask that my Gate-keepers from the pure white light keep all malicious, malevolent, evil and negative energies, entities, beings and all earthbound souls away from my being and my possessions. I ask that my protectors surround me at all times and in all places with the shield of pure protective light. I ask this in the name of all that is pure and holy. As I ask, so must it be."

Then walk away to allow the doll to eventually rot.

  Now the above is what I would do if I thought the doll possessed an evil presence. If you want the doll kept in the home, I would use the same invocation as above to ward off evil while burning sage incense cones. With your finger draw the pentacle on the dolls forehead, and finally make a miniature copy of Michael's seal and place it near or on the doll, perhaps under the dress. This is what I would do with your mothers doll as there is no evil in it.

  Finally in answer to your first set of questions, Burning the doll will often do more harm than good. Getting rid of the doll it easy. E-bay sells haunted dolls and people snatch them up - go figure. Some people are just plain macabre.

  Again, your mothers doll seems to have absorbed a fair share of ambient energy, right from the start during its creation and over the last four decades. That is not a bad thing. The absorption of energy into inanimate objects is nothing new in the paranormal realm. It is an off shoot of the "stone tape theory". Have you ever walked into someone's home and felt bad, negative "vibes"? Chances are that there was something negative happening just prior to your arrival, a heated argument for example. Or lots of negative actions that have added up and have become a part of the home itself. But positive and loving energies can also be absorbed. It takes longer as the emotion behind them are not as "intense" as negative ones. That doll is not harmful, nor will it be. I'm sure that Mother Teresa has a beautiful soul wherever she now is, and the same goes for your doll. As you described, it is a protective object, much as amulets and talisman are to the wearer.

  There is no reason to believe that all ghosts [and you are literally correct in using the term "poltergeist"] are negative or harmful. There are lots of good, loving people in the ghost realm who for whatever their reasons never went into the light. Of course there are some asses too.

  There is a part of your mother, the creator, in that doll. It will protect you and when you pass it on, it will protect your children. Unless it starts firing laser beams from its eyes, keep it, and keep it safe! It had absorbed love and it will emit love - and protection.

  Unfortunately I have to give the other side of the tale, the logical, rational one. Paranormal is not always buddies with parapsychology. It could merely be a psychological matter, based on lighting conditions, placement of the doll and expectations, that it only appears that there is movement and expression in the dolls face. It could after all, just be a doll... according to Occam's razor. Now every "skeptic is saying, "Finally he has come to his senses." Well, my senses are just fine thank you. I look at all questions with a skeptical eye. I do not look at situations with a cynical eye or a pseudo-skeptical attitude. Sorry to let them down but my conclusion leans towards the paranormal side in this case. You have a special treasure in that doll, and that doll has a special personality.

  If there is anything else that I can help you with in this or any other matter within my areas of expertise, do not hesitate to write me. I'm here to help.

Warm Canadian regards,

Greg Pocha,

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