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A part of my English project is to conduct an interview with someone who is somehow involved with our subject. With the answers given to us, we(the students) are to make something out of it. I have chosen to do a "survival guide" on how to survive being around poltergeists or dangerous ghosts or other phenomena like so. If you could answer my questions, it would help a lot. If not, I understand. Thank you again!

Hello Again,

  The additional information about your assinment to conduct an interview makes a big difference in the response you receive. Keep that in mind for future reference, give info to get info.

  Let's get these questions answered...

1~ In fact the majority of poltergeists are not at all violent. Active yes, violent rarely. The reason is that violent activity is caused not by poltergeists, but rather by polterERgeists [note the difference in spelling as it changes activity level and mentality of the "geist" [ghost] [the knowledge of German is not part of an English program - thus the error in meaning]. A poltergeist is just a noisy ghost [note that "noise" in these cases does not always refer to sound, but can involve any activity noticed by any of the senses - just as you can remove "noise" from a photograph - so think of noise as "activity level"]. It is the polterergeist that is the worst of them - destructive and violent. Think of ghost activity as the wind. Normally a ghost does not make it's presence known [a quiet day], some ghosts cause a little activity [noise] to get attention, [a breeze], the more activity the more "noise" or the more windy the day [this is approaching what os commonly, and wrongly called poltergeist activity. Finally you may experience a full blown hurricane - and this is your polterergeist - violent and destructive.

  That said, a polterergeist may act with the force that it does because in life, the ghost may have been an exptemely violent person, a gang member or a serial killer for example. Peoples attitudes, personality and emotional make-up does not change because one has died. Those traits are engrained in their personality or consciousness and it is the personality and consciousness that survive death. Institutions for the insane and prisons are full of future polterergeists. In some cases the polterergeist may have been mentally deranged while alive and as parapsychologists say, as in life, so in death. The polterergeist may be the ghost of an animal [not a pet]. Or the extreme activity may be caused by some ghost who under normal circumstances was quite, but someone has done some thing to annoy the hell of of him and he takes that anger out the only way he knows how - haunting to the max. Note: some new age thinkers will add that is is caused by "elementals" or "demons" - what ever!

  Incidentally, unlike poltergeist-like activity, polterergeist activity is not caused by a human agent. There is no RSPK [Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokenises] or SIPK [Stress Induced Psychokenises] involved.

2~ Not everyone know when ghostly activity is near by. Some are more sensitive, some less and some senseless when it comes to "feeling" a presence. But that is like anything in life, some art musical, some artistic, some scientifically adapt. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

  For those who are sensitive or intuitive enough, they may feel the ghost through an electrical type of tingling, like static or ants crawling on them. Some may see them and others may hear them speak. Some may sense them telepathically. There is no one way over another that stands out. Some ghosts cause movement of objects, some cold spots, some cause rappings and tapping, some cause lights or other electrical apparatus to act oddly... they make themselves known the best way that as individuals, they know how.

3~ A ghost is a human being, a person. However they are lacking in the physical body department. So causing phenomena such as movement of an object, the tapping on a wall, an odor, cold spots, etc. requires a lot of energy on their behalf. They most likely use electric, magnetic or electromagnetic forces to manipulate the atmosphere to do what they can do. We do not know what conditions exist in the ghost realm. Their physics and laws and princapals of nature may be very different than ours. One thing that the average ghost can not do is harm us physically.

4~ Again, ghosts are not made of the same mold. They are humans and as in the living, all different in personality and reasoning. What turns my crank may not turn my neighbors. Ghosts are no different. Catholic ghosts may have missed out on their last rites and having a priest perform them in the ghosts name may send that ghost into the light. Some will leave when their murderer has been caught if that particular ghost was murdered. Some stay around because they feel needed, and will go when someone simply tells them that they can manage without their "help". Some need to be reminded to go into the light simply because they do not realize that they are dead. It is most important to realize that a ghost can never be forced to cross into the light. One thing about ghosts is that they have total freedom. When my organization performs banishing and cleansing ceremonies we fill the home with guardians, gatekeepers and other beings of the light. We explain to the deceased their situation and have those willing to be lead into the light. For those who do not want to go, we have the beings of the light remove them from the particular property, seal it and guard and protect it and its residents. They are free to go haunt elsewhere.

5~ A typical everyday Joe Ghost can not harm one physically. Most harm is self induced. Turning to run and falling down the stairs will be blamed as a push when the fact is the person panicked and fell down the stairs unaided. A person may begin to suffer from stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, or other psychological problems due to a haunting, but that is an indirect effect of the cause. Ghosts may also cause family problems suck as more arguments, as they can use that bio-energy to feed off of. Financially, being driven from ones home is also an issue.

6~ We have guides, guardian and gatekeeper spirits whose avocation is to protect us. Calling upon them will bring them forward as your first and best line of defense. Many believe in charms, amulets and talismanic symbols to ward off entities. I my self wear hexagrams, two pentacle rings, a Kabbalah seven knot protection bracelet and Tibetan prayer beads [only the bracelet and rings do I wear full time.]Having a home properly cleansed and a proper banishment ceremony is of tremendous benefit. Whether haunted or not one should sage their home yearly to remove negative energy.

7~ Peoples reactions to ghosts vary. Fear of the unknown is a strong fear. Usually the fear is one of being harmed by the ghost. These fears are a direct result of urban legend, folklore, superstition and more recently, the media suck as television and movies where ghost are portrayed as something out to get you, malicious and evil. If fact, most ghosts just want to be left alone.

8~   Ghosts usually fear losing their contact with the earth - the realm of the living so they hold on and reject the light. Others fear going into the light in the event that they will be judged and sent to "Hell". In their ignorance they do not know that there is no hell and that there is only love and unconditional forgiveness in the light, not punishment. Some ghosts fear other ghosts, especially if these other ghosts are stronger and evil.

  I hope that this has helped with your assignment.

Warm regards,

Greg Pocha,
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