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Hello again!
There is a separate section of my english project, which I previously addressed, that I have just created to improve my presentation in class. For our presentation, we must teach the class about our subject, mine being paranormal phenomena, with a hands-on activity, or just any way for them to interact with our teaching. For this section, I have thought that I should teach the students how to spot a ghost in the picture or know if one is in it if it is not visible. This involves if noise is in the photo because of the electricity the ghost sends off or what not (since I'm not sure how ghosts influence photography, this is just my best guess on an example). From what I've learned from other sources of media is that ghosts can appear in photography or videography. In order for me to know this subject well enough to teach it, I decided to come to you again since you helped me so much previously. I only have a few questions.

How do ghosts appear in photos?
In what form would a ghost appear?
What kind of effects would the ghost's aura give off in the photo?
Will ghosts always appear in the photo? If not, why?
How can you tell if a photo has a ghost editted into it?

Thank you so much for your help again if you decide to answer!

Ghost Baby
Ghost Baby  

Jane Churn
Jane Churn  

  I am glad that I am able to help again with your project and that you came back for more information.

  The subject that you picked is difficult to answer mainly due to the fact that so many of the photos of the past were out right fakes while more modern photos are either fakes, not knowing how to use a camera, or the results of wishful thinking resulting in pareidola. True photos of ghosts are extremely rare. In all honesty, it is known among parapsychologists that sightings and photos of apparitions are usually those of the living, not the dead!

1~ It is rare for a ghost to appear on command. It is rarer for them to show themselves as full or even partial body apparitions when asked to do so. Authentic photographs are usually captured by accident. It is a matter of the photographer being in the right place at the right time. Of course it helps if the photographer has some sort of intuition that makes him feel as if a photograph should be taken and when and where.

  Most ghost photos are due to dust or dirt on the camera lens. Now that so many people are using their personal devices as if they were meant to replace real cameras, more false photos are taken. In my opinion almost nobody bothers to clean their cell phone lens before they take photos. Instead they grab it from their purses or pocket, with lint and all and fire away. That does not rule out smudges and fingerprints on the lens. When light hits the dirt at the right angle, the photo will be distorted. This can result in something that resembles something paranormal when it is just poor usage of the device. The same applies to digital cameras. The smaller and cheaper and less experienced the photographer, the more likely that the camera will be treated as a convenience , not a tool.

  Lighting plays an important factor in any photograph. I was lucky, I took an interest in photography before the digital age. I used Pentax and Canon 35mm to cut my teeth on. I used manual settings. The lenses were removed and cleaned inside and out, the mirror was cleaned and the camera kept in good repair. I lined up the shots, took time to set focus, distance, etc. Now people just whip out the camera, turn it on and click away without a care. So it is no wonder that so many "ghost photos" appear on web sites and social pages.

2~ As stated, on the very rare occasion a ghost may appear full bodied and human looking. They may appear rather transparent or as shadows. Most of these photos are reflections off of an object nearby, such as a window at night or a mirror at an angle. Some may appear as mists. These are usually due to smoke, vapor condensation on either side of the lens (taking a warm device from a warm pocket to the cold evening air for example), a strand of the photographers hair laying across the field of view reflecting light, or they can appear as orbs, usually light being reflected from airborne particles or insects.

3~ The ghost is pure energy, the continuation of the mind/consciousness of a formally alive being. Energy is heat, heat is light, light is energy. Your physics course will help you with this assignment. If a ghost can gather enough energy it may be able to effect the electromagnetic field of the camera's CCD or CMOS circuitry. This may result in a photograph of that energy as a result, invisible to the naked eye but visible after the camera digitally processes the information received. An aura is nothing more than an energy field, light and by default heat. This is why some groups use infra-red thermal imagers to photograph heat signatures. [Remember that in science heat is not the same as temperature. Heat is relative and subjective. Heat is energy, more energy = more "heat".] Again, refer to a physics book for more details of light and heat.

4~ No, of course not. Ghosts are for the most part people, human beings - not circus dogs trained to perform on demand. It may not personally wish to cooperate, it may lack the energy, it may be out somewhere else visiting. And remember, most photographs and sightings of apparitions are those of the living. On rare occasions a person may be able to project his "self" to another location while still in another [a.k.a. 'bi-location" a type of 'out of body' experience caused by psi phenomena]. There are photographs and accounts of such events.

5~ First thing in photo analysis is to don the Sherlock Holmes cap, take a line from the X-Files, "Trust No one" and put Occams razor to work. A keen eye , analytical reasoning and logic are the first line. For example, I have debunked the popular photo of the ghost baby by logically looking at the play of lighting on the photograph. The popular photo of a girl in a burning building has been debunked... most have.

  As well, the EXIF information on a photograph is helpful. If I receive a photo where the EXIF is missing or has been tampered with it goes immediately to the "waste of my time" file - trash. The Eidolon Project Canada also uses several photo analysis and editing programs, including medical and forensic programs. An example is JPEG Snoop.

  I hope that this has helped with the information that you needed. You chose a hard one, and like everything paranormal, most can be explained by reason and logic, most is subjective, almost all is misunderstood. But there is that tiny amount that goes without reason...

  Take care, and good luck with your presentation. As always I am here if you need more help or information.


Greg Pocha,
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