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Hello, for maybe the final time! I have a few questions from the answers you've given me along with some additional questions. As always, thank you again for your help. I am very appreciative that you have taken the time out of your schedule to help me with my project!

When ghosts don't appear in photographs but are still in the lens' sight of view, will their energy affect the photo? If so, how?
What is an EXIF? How does it tell you that the photo is manipulated?
Is there any way to create your own fake photo of a ghost with just an IPhone camera?

EMF Spectrum
EMF Spectrum  

1- No, not necessarily. Perhaps with specialty cameras that have been modified to capture deep infra-red or ultra violet [or owing NASA quality equipment] it might be doable. Even then, our eyes are only capable of seeing a very narrow section of the electromagnetic field [EMF]. The EMF ranges from very low radio waves to ultra high gamma waves. Visible light falls somewhere in the middle. The entire spectrum consists of massless photons. Photons are energy and energy is heat and heat creates light [remembering that heat and temperature are not the same thing in physics]. Even if the ghost is captured via digital means, if it does not show up with-in our range of visible EMFs, hence we still will not be able to see it. At least without editing it.

  Another consideration is the possibility that ghost personally does not want to show up on a photograph and therefore does not create enough energy to do so, or walks away. Also bear in mind that any energy follows the inverse square principle so the ghosts energy level AND distance will play a factor.

2- EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. Basically is gives one information regarding the properties of the image. Basic things listed would be date, time, type of camera or device, SO speed, if flash was used, the speed of the shutter, the focal length and GPS info if available.

  When I analyze a photo one of the first things I do is to look at the EXIF information. If this information is missing then I know that the photo sent to me is not an original. That immediately makes me suspicious. The use of flash also makes me double think any image as flash is responsible for many misidentified {not deliberately faked} or fake photos.

  I will also use programs to help determine if the photo has been edited in any way. These include programs that can be found on line such as 'Image Edited?' and

3- It is because of the ease of manipulating photographs, both past and especially in the digital age that photographs of ghosts are taken so lightly. The apps that are found on the internet for smart phones are obviously fakes. However with a decent photo editor certain effects can be used to create ghost like images. A simple line drawn on a photo and then blurred can appear ghost like. A smudge of Vaseline or oil on the lens will give a hazy effect. Blowing cold breath or smoke across the lens, hanging a hair or sting across the lens, especially in front of the flash, slow shutter speeds used on low light settings, shooting through a reflective surface with someone standing in front, shooting into a light source... these can all, with a bit of practice give a fake image of a ghost. I need to add that all of the above can also be done accidentally and that is when people, not realizing their error, think that they have captured something paranormal.

  Again, good luck with your assignment. With the amount of work you have put into it I think you'll get an outstanding grade. You know where to reach me if you need any more help.

Greg Pocha,
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