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QUESTION: Hi, I was just wondering if there is something you can recommend for my home. I was told by a medium that there is a bad spirit who was in my home and somehow got out but is trying to come back in. This explains knocking that we hear on our Windows almost on a daily basis. He explained who she was and how she died. I believe him because a few years ago another medium told us the exact same thing. So I am just wondering if you can recommend something that I can use and do to keep her out. If it is possible, i would like to do something that would help her move on instead of just kicking her out. And I was also told that there are unhuman spirits here. The medium saw a shadow figure in my closet, and he also said there is somethng nder my mom's bed making her sick, im not sure if it is the same shadow figure or something else. He had no idea that my mom has a bad knee and it makes it hard for her to walk. She had to get surgery about 5 months ago. he didn't know all that, yet he told us that this spirit is affectng her knee. I also want to know if there is something we can do to vanish those evil spirits. Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Hi there,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns.

  Yawn! Do mediums ever get tired of the "You have a bad (negative, demonic, malicious, evil, malevolent) presence in your home..." spiel? There must be a whole chapter on it in "The Moron's Guide to Becoming a Medium". They may not tire of it... I do (after the millionth time). Mediums have a network, they are known to pass on information about clients, so hearing the same old same old from another "gifted" person in touch with "spirit" is no surprise to me. So hearing the same story still lacks one important thing... prove it... talk is cheap. (Well not if you paid for their "services". Then talk can cost quite a pretty penny.) A good medium is trained to observe. They will take note of odors, photos, body language (to the point of watching the pupils of the eyes as they dilate or open to things that they mention, or read muscle reaction by touching or holding someone's arm to feel for reaction). They can be very general, and as they yap away find something that you react positively to and go to work on that. In reality, most people do all of the mediums work by saying too much. They also tend to forget the 99 things they got wrong and remember only the 1 or two things they chanced upon as correct. So the energy "making your mother sick" was a cold reading. Old people get sick more often than younger people. It does not need a medium, Sherlock or an Einstein to figure that out... just your reaction.

  THE MEDIUM SAYS that there is a dark shadow in the closet. Again, it is his word alone and that word has zero substantiated proof. Simon says, "BS!". Oh, and there are non-human entities and ghosts everywhere. Examples would be ghosts of dogs, cats, pets in general, other animals and even the deceased of those from other planets. If life exists elsewhere in our universe, then so does death. I imagine we all end up in the same places upon dying, into the spirit realm in the light or into the ghost realm. And who is to say that a non-human entity is evil?   

  Let's assume that you do have a ghost in your home. It seems rather mellow and non-confrontational as far as some hauntings can go. Whatever you do, it is ultimately the ghosts decision whether it goes or not. Despite the rites or ceremony, the ghost has more personal choice and freedom than anyone. But a properly performed ceremony and cleansing of the home may be what the ghost needs to free itself from it's self forged bonds that hold it to this realm. You are not kicking any one out. You are opening the light  that they have lost sight of and sending her home! To keep any ghost earth bound when it has the option of going into the light is cruel. Remember, they are still human beings. I can send you a simple ceremony that you can do yourself. My organization, the Eidolon Project Canada uses it for clearing ghosts and negative energy from haunted homes that we investigate (we will not close a case until we have attempted to help the deceased, not just the living). I do not publish that ceremony on this web site as I do not want it public. However if you write to me directly at
I will get that information out to you. The cleansing may not help with the knocking noise on the window. Those are usually caused by things called temperature, humidity and settling of the home, regardless of age, homes have their own noises.

  I hope that I have spread some insight on what you have been concerned with. And to the small handful of mediums who actually have the gift, you have my total respect - to the thousands of fakes and wanna-be's, well the truth speaks for itself.

  "N", I look forward to hearing from you so that I can further help with this matter.

Warm Regards,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies, EPC
Ghosts and Hauntings,
All Experts   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, I appreciate the advice. When it comes to the medium, we made sure not to tell him an. Specific information about us because we did want to see if he was the real deal. He did not know anything about my mom's knee, he just started telling us about it. And the person who previously told us about the woman who died here is from the other side of the state and is not a known medium at all. So they do not know each other. But i am not exactly concerned about the whole medim thing. I am mostly concerned about this woman's spirit. It is true that she has not harmed us or attempted to. But I do feel since she died a violent death that she naturally has negative emotions. And I feel that those negative emotions cause me and my family to also feel negatve emotions. Although I don't feel that she has bad intentions towards us, I still would definitely want to at least try to help her move on. I wouldn't want her to just be stuck here. So yes, I am definitely interested in that ceremony..


  There is no empirical proof that she died a violent death, hearsay does not cut it.
In any event, I do not give the information on cleansing on the All Experts web site. I do not make it public and AE is a public site.

The information is completely free and will be sent as a pdf. However to get it please write to me directly [as others have] at

or via the contact us page at

where you will find a direct link to me.

Thank you.
Greg Pocha

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