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QUESTION: when I was younger I was always at my best friends house . I even stayed there while my home at the time was being built . The radio stations would always change only in my friends room by itself .The toilets would always flush by themselves threw out the day. We where never scared. It would annoy us when her parents were not home by making loud banging in the walls the more you ignored it the louder and closer it would get. We would go outside and wait a while and go back inside and it would stop. Her dog would bark at air .Her parents got the house at a cheap price because I think it was a guy shot himself in the house. One time all the Christmas bulbs and stuff fell off the tree for no reason. We told her father and he didn't believe us . After we grew up and she moved out this ghost or whatever it was started doing the same stuff to her parents and her dad brought a preist in the clean the house or somethimg like that. I spoke to my girlfriend recently and she told me that the problem is gone in every room except for the bedroom that weuse to play in where the radio stations would change . My question is was is a ghost and why was I not scared ?Why did it never hurt anyone ? I try to tell myself that I don't believe in this stuff but its hard because I lived in a home that it had something in it but we never felt threatened just annoyed . Why was it there ? what do you think it wants?

ANSWER: Hello,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Ghosts and Hauntings with your questions. I like your inquiries because they give me a chance to work on my speciality, spectral profilng; looking for the reasoning behind a certain ghosts actions - the psychological make up of that particular being.

  I believe that there is a possibility that the ghost was likely attracted initially to the energy of you and your friend, expecially so if you spent time in the room between the ages of 12 - 19 years, give or take a couple of years. Adolescent people going through puberty have an abundane of energy that may bring out the pesence, or at least give it more strength through the bio-energy available at this time. This is especially true if the hosts are female. From a parapsychological view point, if you and your friends were with-in the above age range, there is a chance that at least some of the activity was caused by either one of you via RSPK [Respondent Spontaneous PsychoKenesis]. But I believe that the ghost was the cause of most, if not all of the activity, especially since your friend has left the premises.

  To answer the questions of why you were not scared and nobody hurt is simple psychological profiling. To begin with, real life ghosts are rarely the entities that they are portraid as on television, movies and books. Most are simply ordinary people. A ghost is simply the continuance of a persons personality and consciousness. A kind person becomes a kind ghost, a murderer on death row becomes an angry, malicious polterergeist [spelling correct]. You state that, "...we never felt threatened...." Chances are that the ghost had the exact same feelings, you and your friend posed no threat. The person who committed suicide in the home was likely suffering from depression, or similar mental disorder. A depressed person is not necessarily a mean or evil person. This poor soul may have been very kind and personable in life, but the disease got the better of him and he made his last decision, to end his life. Incidentally, he may have been being treated for his depression unaware that certain anti-depressants can increase the chances of suicide. It is a side effect that many such drugs still have to this day. Bottom line is, it was not his intention to scare, but rather to let others know that he was around. [However, he may not like others living in "his" home and is doing just enough to get then to leave]

If he did not have a mean demeanor in life, he would not aquire one simply because he shed his body, and that is why nobody got hurt. As well, ghosts don't hurt people, people hurt themselves. The ghost pushed me down the stairs usually means that "I was running out of fear and I fell down the stairs due to my reaction to that fear." But who admits that?

  In a western culture, it is assumed that all ghosts are as most people are - god fearing Christians. But is that the reality? No. Perhaps Christmas held sad or emotional memories for this individual, thus the "attack on the tree" [notice nobody was hurt - that would have been outside of his nature].

  When paranormal activity happens to a Christian family the local priest is called in to do a blessing of the residence. This is especially true of Catholics. Through experience and research I can safely say that most religious procedures, regardless of faith, have the opposite effect that one expects. In a polterergeist haunting things will quit down for awhile and then it returns with more strength and a vengeance.  It makes things worse. However, some ghosts, if they are of the same of similar faith will leave the home and go into the light. Others may get royally annoyed and the start of an active haunting starts. Why? A non-Catholic entity may become irate for two reasons, 1- the ghost may be a Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, die hard Protestant, or an Atheist. And 2- they do not appreciate someone attempting to kick them out of "their" house. You'd put a fight if it hppened to you.

  I question the reasoning behind not having the room where the majority of the activity is not being blessed. The ghost did not seem to mind the blessing of other rooms - you would know it by now if he took offence. This again supports that this ghost is simply trying to make his presence known.

  Why was it there, ghosts often remain in a place that was exptemely emotional and important to them in life. The place where the decision to end ones physical life is such a place. Also it was likely his home, a place where he likely felt safe from the rest of the world. So he remains. He may also be afraid of the consequences of his last action.

  As to what it wants, it is hard to say. Maybe it does not realize that it has died; sudden death can confuse the soul. Perhaps once he was dead he realized that an afterlife actually exists and has been avoiding going into the light in fear of judgment and being condemned to Hell, as he committed the "unforgivable sin" of ending his life [Hell incidentally does not exist - but many ghosts do not realize that, especially if they had damnation pounded into their heads. But in my opinion, he is there because it is where he feels most comfortable. Whether he wants the company of others is a guess, I'd guess "No".   

  I hope that this has helped  shed some insight on the events and situation. This chap is harmless and may have some mental or psychological issues that he needs to work out... but then again, who doesn't?


Greg Pocha,
Ghosts and Hauntings,
All Experts,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: just want to say thanks . We were age 12 when it started

You are most welcome. I'm glad that I could help. Twelve is no surprize to me. I hope that all will be well in the house. I see no reason for the matter to get worse. Keeping things as they are and tolerance will keep things calm enough. Should you need any more assistance, you know where and how to contact me.

Take care,

Greg Pocha,
Ghosts and Hauntings,
All Experts

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