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QUESTION: About 6 months after my best friend died suddenly (and I was the one who took her to  the hospital where she died) I started being awakened very frequently by an icy cold blast of air on various parts of my body (usually the side facing the edge of the bed, and usually my arm).  This eventually would be changed up and I would instead feel the equivalent of a blast of water (like being waterboarded) directly into my face.  When I awake, I can continue feeling the ice cold air or water for 5 to 10 seconds.  It eventually graduated to the blast of air being sucked into my lungs....and when I awoke, there were three burning scratches down my left arm.  These events only happen in my own home or in my parents home when I sleep in my dad's bed (he passed 3 years ago tomorrow, and I sleep in his bed when it's my turn to take care of my mom who has alzheimers)In fact, I am here tonight and dreading going to sleep in my dad's room.  I want to know who or what could be doing this to me and why. Can it be my friend, or a spirit who has latched onto me? How do I get rid of this spirit?


  I am sorry for the late reply, I was away on a long distance investigation when your question arrived. I need you to answer a question for me. Has the feeling in your fathers bed been occurring since his death, or only since the death of your friend? I need to get that clear. Please answer in a follow up.

  In the mean time, A spirit would not be doing to you the things you describe. Spirits are evolved beings who entered the light upon or shortly after passing. You are experiencing a ghost. This soul is between our realm and the spirit realm.

  I look forward to your reply,


Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal investigation, [EPC]
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I would have to say since my dad's death. Even though my friend died before my dad, nothing happened at my parents house until after his death....then again I wasn't staying overnight there until after he died. I should also mention that when my brother was a boy he claims he used to see American Indian boys in the basement. Also, my three year old also saw an Indian boy in 2000 when she was downstairs with my dad in the general area where my brother saw them.  Let me know if you have any other questions... thanks!


  I would have to reason that your parents home is haunted. With the added information I would say that although your friend may be around you, he is not the primary ghost, if one at all. Therefore I am going to assume that it may be your father, as this happening in his home and in his bed, both personal spaces. Moving the bed would likely result in more activity. As a matter of fact, any changes to the way that he preferred things might cause the activity to increase.

  Many others in this field of study claim that ghosts use the ambient temperature to energize themselves, thus creating cold spots. Heat is energy and yes heat follows the second law of thermodynamics, that energy always goes from a higher state to a lower one; hotter to colder. Heat having more energy than cold will transfer some heat to the colder until an equilibrium is established, that is that the temperature evens out. If you put a cup of ice in a room, heat from that room will be transferred to the ice melting it to cold, then cool water. Nature won't be happy until an equilibrium is reached, that being that eventually the room and the water have the same temperature [room temperature so to speak]. And now you are asking your self, "What the hell does that have to do with my problem?"

  My 'thinking out of the box' theory is that the ghost is damn cold to begin with. Living in a country where the winter takes ownership of half of the year, I have no choice but to notice "things". One December while I was shopping in a large book store I had an epiphany. I had been in the store, second floor for a good half hour. I was toasty warm. Before leaving I glanced at the science magazines on the main floor, some twenty feet from the door, so I didn't really feel any chill as it opened. However a customer, obviously out in the below zero weather for awhile walked past me from behind. I felt her coldness as she passed from my right to left, and that chill lasted 30 seconds or so. In sense you could still feel the remains of her presence. Brain bang! Cold spots are not formed by ghosts because they are trying to take heat energy from a place to attempt to manifest [or what ever] - the cold spot is cold because the ghost is cold. The transfer of heat is incidental, not planned.

  So what you are likely feeling is the presence of a ghost. Is there a chance that you could bring in a cot as an experiment and sleep in it, both in his room and in other rooms and see if you get the same events? If this is your father, in my opinion he is merely trying to make his presence known, he may even just be thanking you for your love and compassion towards his wife.

  As for the native American children that were seen in the past. I can say with some certainty that they are residual phenomena [erroneously called a residual "haunting" by most in this field, in the box thinkers]. A true haunting is done by a soul that is capable of intelligence and can be active, reactive, interactive and aware. If the activity were residual, the children would be playing on the ground that was familiar to them at the time that they were alive. If a hole was dug to accommodate the basement, then that level of ground has changed from their days, the ground is lower. If this was residual, you would see their feet on the ceiling of the basement and their torso and heads on the main floor. However, they are playing in the basement, I assume on the floor in a surrounding that did not exist in their time [If only a foundation was poured the children would be seen floating.] This indicates intelligence and awareness, signs of a ghost, not residual phenomena. I also think that although active in their own "world" that they are what I refer to as "content ghosts". These are ghosts that go about their daily activities without much, if any concern for this "world". If they are seen, it is because for some brief moment the veil between worlds blew. Even so, most people would not notice them anyhow. But young children, who by nature are more "psychic" than elders may be able to see into the opening. A truly gifted psychic [rare as they are] may also see or sense they. If this is the case you have nothing to fear from these children - they want nothing from this realm except a place to play. Without children in the home, they have likely moved on. That's their norm.

  There are other experts on this site who would immediately jump to the conclusion that the presence is malevolent - that is their nature - based of course on bias. Some will do a distance "psychic" reading and give you some 'el toro kaka' answer. I know, I am part of an ongoing experiment and we have asked these psychics questions. We have never received anything other than a sack of "el toro kaka".

  M, I would suggest that you do a simple cleansing of your home. That may be hard due to your mothers condition. But you can make a spray of a saline solution comprised of Kosher salt mixed with purified [bottled] water. No Holy water!!! If the ghost is not Catholic or for that matter, Christian, it will only make things worse. You can also buy sage in a can! It is a spray used when smoke is an issue, see new age shops and/or herbal shops to find spray sage. If this is the way that you want to go, you will have to write to me personally as 1- I do not give that information on a public site and 2- I would have to send most of the information on PDF, something impossible to do on this site. If you wish to keep your anonymity you can open a google account for the passing of info, then close it when done.

  In any case, I hope that there was a bit more light shed on this topic. And again, I'm here if you need me. Oh, and sorry for the long epic replies, it is my nature not to snub off people who ask me for help.

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal [EPC]
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, much of what you have said does make total sense. I do believe that my parent's house is "haunted" sister and her kids, as well as a "psychic" friend of mine have experienced extreme unease in the basement and in my fathers room. This is what makes me think that maybe my father's house might be a "portal" which might also allow me to interact with my dad or my friend more easily.  Incredibly though, as has happened before when I reached out to ghost hunters concerning the cold touches(actually TAPS from tv) almost immediately the activity stopped! All activity stopped for almost 8 or 9 months. As it has again since I have contacted you!  Which makes me believe that whoever is responsible is totally aware and not residual. They seem to know when I am organizing forces which might counteract them! Before trying to evict them though, I would wish to know what they want from me, why they are trying to contact me..are they trying to tell me something...are they trying to help long as they do not have evil intentions I am willing to listen. If it is my best friend, or my dad, I would love to know how to respond to hear what they are trying to tell me.

Hi M,

If I may ask, what is your mother's condition and prognosis? The info woll help me to profile the ghosts or spirits involved.

On another note, my group was approached by the recruiter for TAPS. I immediately turned them down.

Ciao for now

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