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QUESTION: Hello Greg,

I'm sure you hear this all the time... I'm not sure if I'm imagining things or going crazy, or both! (ha ha)  I live in West Virginia (US), alone, in a house I bought off a divorced lady in 2001 who had a young daughter.  The house was built in 1991, so it was about 10 years old when I moved in.  She (and her ex, before they divorced), and her young daughter were the only inhabitants of this house before I bought it.

Everything has been fine, as in nothing out of the ordinary happening, up until about 2-3 weeks ago.  I have dusk-till-dawn/ motion lights mounted at each entry door of my house.  One such light is at my garage entry door, which is the door I use to come and go most of the time.  The light sensor on that light stopped working last winter, so I have to turn it on at dusk and off at dawn, and I do this every night and morning, without fail.  Recently as I went out to the garage to turn off the light in the morning, the light was turned off.  This made me question whether or not I actually turned it on the night before, but I am a creature of habit, so I know it was turned on.  This has happened several times, but not every night, in the past few weeks. I has been a week since it last happened.

Another thing happened just yesterday.  I had a doctor appt. so I had to leave, and I turned off the TV before leaving.  I also have a satellite dish that I have to turn off with a separate remote, so they were both off when I left.  When I returned home they were both on.  Again, I was questioning whether or not I actually turned them off, but I always turn things off before leaving.  

Finally, today something new happened.  I was in the garage (which is attached) and I heard the smoke alarm going off at the other end of the house.  It beeped 4 times, then stopped.  I was not cooking, and there was no apparent reason for it to alarm.  It is located at the opposite end of the house from the garage, at the end of a hallway, outside the bedrooms.  

These things have just begun, and it has me a little bit curious.  I am not scared, as I do believe in spirits.  But I am just wondering what caused these things to start happening all of a sudden?  Does this sound like a spirit, or maybe a poltergeist, to you?  And do you have any suggestions as to how I can make things stop happening?  

Thank you.  

ANSWER: Hi Gary,

  Thank you for contacting me at Ghosts and Hauntings / All Experts. There may be some logical explanations for what is happening. The most likely is that you are going crazy. [Yes I get that question a lot and have always wanted to give that answer!]
Seriously, I have found that in most cases the ones who question their sanity in cases as yours are the most sane: the "section 8's" are rarely skeptical.

  However, I am hesitant at this time and with the amount of information that you have at hand, due to the short time span of the events occurrences to label the activity as paranormal in essence.

  For the light sensors, the sensors do wear out in time, so a replacement may be due. First you may wish to do some simple maintenance, making certain the bulbs are fresh and that the sensor itself is clean. And since the problems seem to all be electrical in nature, make certain that you have no shorts... ah... in the electric currents, what you wear is your choice. This could explain the sudden appearance of all of the issues. You will find that when a smoke detector starts intermittent beeps, it is indicating that the battery is low and needs replacing, it is a built in safety in detectors so that the device is always fully able.

  Although ghosts are known to gather energy through AC current, it is not, in my opinion the best or first choice for them. The reason being that the current alternates at 60hz [changes direction 69 times/second] so it is not a steady supply of energy. DC [batteries}, being of lower voltage, being a steady flow and using elements [zinc, carbon or lithium] would provide a better source. Of course bio-energy caused by fear and stress is still the energy soup d'jour for ghosts.

  At this time James, I would get the devices and the connections, and maintenance checked out. On a paranormal note, a spirit may very well be trying to send you a message. Get the wiring checked before your home burns down.

  Should the activity change or escalate, contact me again with an update. Make certain that you are not stressed out as sometimes what appears to be poltergeist activity is actually poltergeist-like activity. Stress Induced Psychokinesis [SIPK] mimics actual ghost-like activity except it is caused by a living agent. Stress can cause a "psychic hiccup" in some people and cause haunt like activity to occur. Take this test:
If you have teens in the house, the cause may be RSPK, Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis, usually caused by someone between the ages of 13 - 19 [give or take] and female. I doubt if this is the case.

  I hope that this has helped in some way. However if there are more concerns or questions, feel free to contact me. Oh, and you're quite sane, believe me, I dealt with the otherwise.

Warm regards,
Greg Pocha,

Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada [EPC],
Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary Paranormal Investigations

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QUESTION: Hello Greg,

Thanks very much for responding.  I wanted to comment on a couple of points you made in your letter.  And by the way, I enjoyed your bits of humor injected in the content.  A sense of humor keeps us all from going insane (since this subject seems predominant, for now.)

First, I am very doubtful the light going off was an electrical malfunction.  The switch, itself, was actually turned off each time it happened.  I doubt if a short (not the ones I'm wearing) would be powerful enough to affect the switch. As for the light sensor, I have dealt with these dust-til-dawn/motion lights for many years, and those sensors can become weathered and stop working, preventing the light from recognizing day and night.  It does not prevent the light from coming on, just from going off during the day.  

Next, the smoke detector has a new battery in it.  In fact I had just changed it earlier that day because it started beeping, just as you mentioned, and afterward I tested it to make sure it was working.  It had never acted up before.  It is not "hard wired" to the house, so I don't think an electrical short was the issue in this case either.  

Lastly, the TV and satellite receiver coming on by itself...  Strangely enough, I have had my TV go off on me before.  I have an end table next to my chair where I keep the remotes, and when this happened I noticed that the indicator light was lit up, which only happens when you press the buttons on the remote.  This has happened off and on for a few years, but I forgot to mention it in my original letter.  In this case I thought it could be some residual signals floating around that could have caused this.  I spoke to an electronics expert once and he told me this could be the cause.  But again, it happens so rarely I don't give it much thought any more.  

Just for safety I will check my electrical circuits.  I have an electrician friend who can help if I need it.  Oh, and with regard to SIPK, I have no kids here, I live alone and I am somewhat stressed, but nothing like I was from about 2002 till 2012.  I had a very stressful job, my dad had passed away (the last living member of my immediate family), and my fiance' who I thought would be with me forever, dumped me.  It all resulted in a heart attack in Dec. 2011, I had to have a triple bypass, and had to fight with my employer's disability insurance company to be able to make ends meet while I recuperated.  So if any paranormal activity was going to happen due to stress, my house would have looked like the movie "Ghostbusters" during that time.(in case you have seen this movie). If not, lets just say the movie was very chaotic.  I have since received social security disability and have retired from my job.  So I try my best to live stress-free, although I think it will take me awhile longer to wind down after 33 years of working in a stress factory.  

One last thing, in one of your short paragraphs you called me "James".  Could it be that you receive so many letters like mine that you copy and paste an answer you gave someone else?  I understand, you probably get tired of explaining the same things over and over.  I appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns.  I will do as you instructed and will let you know if anything further happens.  

Thanks again,

Hi Gary,

  Sorry about that - lots on the table. I'll dismiss the smoke detector for now. Remember however that regardless of how many batteries you replace, the unit sensors do wear out after time and the unit should be replaced every decade [Consumer's Report] A lot of people think that they last forever - myself included. Same goes foe CO detectors. Check the date. Otherwise I would not put worry into it. As you said, it's not hotwired and I never thought that it was as that is a more industrial thing. Even they require a battery back up in case of power failure, as does yours, hotwired or not. In my point of view coincidental, not synchronistic.

  Residual? I don't think so. Once the light source is gone it is gone and even if it were to be bouncing around, the fact that the IR beam would have enough strength to operate a unit. Remotes work on infrared light and as electromagnetic energy are subject to the inverse square law; double the unit of distance from the source and you quadruple the lessening of the power. Sure residual energy exists, but you need a power source like the Big Bang to create it. I am also taking into account the Conservation of Energy law.

  I'll still put my money on wiring issues, due to the fact that this is the common denominator. Look for droppings. Nesting animals can chew thru wires. In the old days we didn't have surge protectors, Save your equipment and plug your media system into surge protector if you already haven't. Perhaps one of these experts can help:

  Freud and Jung went from mentor / mentee, to friends, tolerating each other and finally to enemies due to their opinions on the paranormal. Freud was a fan of coincidences, although events may appear related theyare merely coincidence. Jung created the idea of synchronicity in that most events have an underlying connection that is mystical in nature. I'm going with Freud [and Occam] with this until other things that are associated with a ghost, spirit or poltergeist manifestation or a haunting become evident. If this all malfunctioning equipment, there is little that I can do about it. I did have a few cases of TV's going on and off, apparently of their own accord. We later discovered that a neighbors garage door opener was set on the same frequency as the clients, with the garage remote being many times more powerful.

  Gary, dig out the owner manuals [being a guy you likely never got past the "Quick Set Up" part, I never do. See if the manual mentions solutions to your media equipment issues. And your idea of getting in an electrician  is good, better if he's a friend, awesome if he's a friend willing to do it for a few beers!  Let me know if things escalate, or your friend finds the wiring in good shape. If so, then I will look at the situation from more of a paranormal perspective.

Ciao for now,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada, EPC
Paranormal Investigations Alberta  

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