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At 11pm i started to hear footsteps ; very loud footsteps .First I thought, my mind was playing tricks on me or may be it was my neighbor sleep -walking but then they got louder & louder.I was exhausted so i fell asleep . I woke up at 4am and felt like someone was touching my arm slowly.I freaked out and went my parents room ; my dad i asked if i was pacing around because he heard someone pace.I tried to sleep in my parents room but then that thing came into their room.their bedrooms door started to creak & we heard those footsteps again then i felt like someone was touching my feet.THERE WAS SOME SPACE NEXT TO ME AND I FELT AS IF SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO HIDE UNDER THE DUVET COVER IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS BUT I SAW IT WITH MY EYES. I have to sleep in my room today And I AM EXTREMELY PETRIFIED. How do i survive?

Hello A.

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Ghosts and Hauntings with your question. How do you survive? By knowing what is happening to you. First we will utilize Ockham's Razor to deal with the footsteps. Ockham's Razor basically states that when two or more possible solutions exist for any given problem, that the correct answer is usually the simpler one, with the least assumptions.

  In your case the simplest solution to the sound of someone pacing is that something or someone real was responsible for making that sound. The assumption should be that someone was pacing or doing something to create a rhythmic sound. Sound carries further in the night than in the day. That is a more likely solution than a ghost suddenly showing up to pace about your home.

  However the simplest solution is not always the correct one. Content ghosts is a term that I use when profiling a type of ghost. A content ghost may reside in a location beside the living and never makes itself known. It contently goes about its routine unaware or indifferent of the living. However they can become active in our realm should major changes or renovations be made to "their home". Unless this is happening I would immediately dismiss this possibility.

  The phenomena could be residual [incorrectly called a residual haunting; it is not a haunting]. Then it is just a replay of something that happened in the past that was emotionally strong. That emotional energy gets absorbed into the essence of the site and may occasionally be witnessed by the living. There is nothing to fear from this type of phenomena just as there is no chance of taking a bullet by watching a war movie. If the atmosphere is exactly right, something from the past may be replayed. There is no ghost behind this activity, it is merely a harmless "recording". This scenario is more likely than an active ghost. Good news, it's harmless and it goes away until the conditions are exactly right again, and then it replays the exact same thing. The above was to explain some possibilities of the footsteps from a paranormal point of view, as more than one person experienced the phenomena.

  In regards to what you were personally experiencing can be explained scientifically. Welcome to the world of hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations. When you were experiencing the touches and visions you were in a state of going to sleep. Almost everyone has these types of hallucinations once in a while and they are not related to mental defects psychosis or neurosis. What is happening is that as one falls asleep the brain goes from conscious mode to subconscious mode. Sometimes the two modes overlap, so you are both asleep and awake [more asleep than awake]. It is common for one to experience exactly what you related in your letter. Hypnagogic hallucinations happen as one is drifting off to sleep. They include tactile hallucinations such as being touched or stroked, auditory hallucinations such as hearing voices or hearing one's name called and visual hallucinations such as a human shape, shadow or more commonly a face. Another very common factor is the hallucination or feeling of a presence, that there is someone or something in the room near you. Once you know what is happening the hallucinations are more fascinating than frightening, at least to me. When these hallucinations happen upon wakening, they are called hypnopompic. So the next time that this happens recognize the phenomena for what it is, a time when the brain is a bit out of sync. Although frightening, they are harmless. Chances are that you may experience them again. Stress can be a cause, and you are returning to school, right? That can be the triggering factor. Puberty can be another. Hearing the footfalls added to any existing stress and this will heighten the imagination. A door that creaks because of atmospheric or structural changes, as extra weight on the floor boards [your weight added to the existing weight in the room] could rationally cause the door to move.

  What you unfortunately had was a series of coincidences that you added up to be something paranormal. Stuff happens, coincidences happen. Change the point of view and you will see the phenomena for what it was. However if things escalate let me know.

  I hope that I have shed some light on your concerns. The important thing now is to make certain that you do not create your own haunting by misinterpreting every little occurrence as being "ghostly". This happens frequently, self-suggesting and brainwashing yourself into believing that you have a haunting. That changes everything as one could easily go from having a "normal" sleep related problem without mental health concerns to becoming delusional, a psychiatric problem. Remember that coincidences happen and that normal things happen, and sometimes what is "normal" can be extraordinary.

Take care,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada, EPC

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