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QUESTION: Hello, Thank you for reading my story/question.  We moved into our house 12 years ago, and strange things started happening about a year after we moved in.  Nothing bad--things were being moved from one place to another.  One time we hear footsteps in my oldest daughter's room (she was 6 at the time) and saw a shadow under her closed door when no one was in her room.  This was also witnessed by my mother and mother in law.  Things would occasionally be moved and found in weird places on and off for a couple of years, and then it was quiet.  Two years ago, my oldest daughter woke up in the middle of the night and said that she felt something physically holding her legs down.  She wanted to move or scream and couldn't--she said she felt frozen.  It was then quiet again, until recently.  A few months ago, my youngest daughter (age 11) was home alone for 15 minutes while I went to pick my son up.  She heard loud banging noises coming from the basement and ran out of the house.  I found her crying in our backyard when I got home.  When I went down into the basement, a ceramic bank was smashed on the floor.   Three weeks ago, my son (age 15) and I were sitting on the edge of my bed talking.  I had my cell phone charging on my nightstand.  Suddenly, the phone flung forward and onto the floor, landing about 3 feet away from the nightstand.   A week after that, my son was playing video games downstairs when everyone else was asleep.  I had gone to a concert.  When I came home at 12:30 AM, I found the TV still on and the video game still running.  My son told me that he heard several loud bangs coming from the basement, and he ran upstairs leaving everything on.   Finally, several nights after this, my 11 year old daughter called or me at 1:30 AM crying hysterically and shaking uncontrollably.  She said she saw something black in her room, near the foot of her bed.  She had been awake, texting her friend when it happened, so she was not dreaming (school is out for the summer so she was up very late).  Does any of this make any kind of sense to you?  The strangest thing is that the only one in my family who hasn't experienced anything is my husband.  He thinks that we're crazy, and he gets mad at me, saying I'm "putting ideas in the kids' heads."  Thank you so much for your time!

ANSWER: Hello "N",

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings. I need a little more information to narrow my options for an opinion down. The activity brings to mind poltergeist-like activity, or it may be a ghost trying to get some attention. To this end would you please answer the following.

1- Please do not provide personal information such as names. Instead please use initials.
What are the sexes and ages of the people in your household? ex. G. (f) 18 yrs.

2- In regards to current events, is there anyone in particular who is nearly always present when the events occur? According to the info above, who?

  I look forward to your reply in a follow up. In the meantime, allow me to ease some mystery and take off some burden for you regarding the event that took place two years back when your eldest daughter experienced an 'episode', as it is bound to happen again at some time to someone.

  What you are describing is a textbook example of a phenomena that at least 20 - 40 percent of the population will experience at least once in their lives. Personally I believe that the percentages are much higher, as many people assume that the cause is paranormal and do not discuss it. What your daughter suffered through was waking up during "Sleep Paralysis". When we sleep the brain releases chemicals that in effect paralysis the majority of our bodies. This is to prevent us from acting our our dreams. Imagine that you are dreaming that you are Rocky in the ring with an opponent. Now imagine that you were able to act out that dream. Ouch!

  Through out the ages (in honesty - even to this day) this phenomena has been mistaken as Old Hag Syndrome, Incubus/Succubus demons at work, Alien Abduction...
A common scenario plays out as such: A person awakes from sleeping and is fairly mentally alert, but the body is still asleep. Due to it being in a state of paralysis, the person finds that they are unable to move. Often they feel as if they are being held down, or sat upon (by an old hag/witch/night-woman[mare]). They find it hard to breath. And due to paralysis of vocal chords, screaming is useless.

  Now should one become "awake" while the mind is still dreaming, or just coming out of a dream stage (REM), they may find that not only are they paralyzed, but they may feel a presence in the room, may hear foot steps, may see an apparition or shadow person at the foot of their bed (or whatever range they eyes have as the neck muscles can't turn the head), feel as if they are being touched or as if there is a presence in bed beside them, hear someone breathing beside them... the list goes on. These are known as either a Hypnagogic (upon falling asleep) or Hypnopompic (upon waking) Hallucination(s). People going through an episode of simple sleep paralysis may have hallucinations whereas people having H/H hallucinations are most often in the stage of sleep paralysis. Stress is a factor as well as sleeping on one's back. This phenomena is actually brought up so many times that I will be adding a page to my web site to discuss it. To tell you the truth, with all of the research that I've done into this, I occasionally suffer a sleep paralysis episode myself. And it ain't over 'til it's over - there is no rationalizing your way out of it until you become mentally alert enough to know what is happening and then you can escape it by consciously trying to wiggle a finger or toe. Once that's done, voila, it over.

  I look forward to hearing back from you,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation,
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply, Greg.  I truly appreciate it.  To answer your questions, my family consists of the following people:  

P  (male)  47 years
N (female, me)  46 years
K (female) 16 years
P (male) 15 years
L (female) 11 years

When these events occur, my daughter L and/or myself are the ones that are always present in the home.  

Thank you again for your time.  It is truly appreciated!!

Hello "N",

  Thank you for the response.These simple pieces of information tell me what I first suspected when I read your letter, at least to the issues that are currently occurring. What you are experiencing is 'Poltergeist-like" activity. Although poltergeist-like activity mimics entity poltergeist hauntings in so many ways that many parapsychologists, and hence "ghosts hunters", erroneously lump the activity together as "poltergeist" activity and that it is all caused by RSPK (I'll address that later). So wrong.

  If it were not for your extra information, I myself would be unsure as to the type of activity that is happening. If you had a poltergeist you would have an active haunting to deal with. However, since you most likely have poltergeist-like activity, you only have teenagers to contend with. The kinda good news is that eventually either will go away. Poltergeists get bored and teenagers grow older.

  Research has shown that poltergeist activity is usually centered around a particular person. Usually one between the ages of 13 - 19 give or take a year. Usually the cause is female by a small percentage. This is why I required initials (I'll assume that the initials are made up, the ages and sexes weren't, the best way to do it.) Anyway, the tidbit that the activity happens only when the 16 year old female is present (and you) tells me that she is the cause of most of the activity (we will use the para-psychological term for her: "agent"). This means that she is the hub of the activity. But why?

  It is my belief, my hypothesis or theory that we are all born with psychic or psi ability. However through the millennia, humans have slowly lost that ability through atrophy. We lost function of appendixes and tonsils via evolution, so why not psi ability? However among all of this I believe that there are those who are born with a stronger than most psi ability. Some, like your daughter may not even be aware of it. It is also commonly a trait passed down by heredity through different generations (occasionally missing a generation)most likely by the female. If this is so, then the trait might one day be found in our DNA. The ability to be "psychic" may originate in you primitive brain. And that in turn may have it's roots in the primitive enteric nervous system.

  Because the ability in both you and your daughter (perhaps all of your children eventually) is weak and can only be brought forward by stress or extreme times. This is where Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) comes into play. I refer to these as psychic hiccups. This may occur when stress builds up in someone with psi abilities to the point of bursting. Then a hiccup, a sudden unexpected reaction happens. This can trigger bangs, raps and other noises heard through out an area, objects moving, electrical disturbances (some assume that the hiccup disturbs the electromagnetic field), objects to fly across the room, things to vanish, or show up in odd places, etc. Sound familiar?

  The reasons that these events occur are various. In the case of teenagers, it has been researched and documented that it is the very biological and psychological acts of maturing - going through puberty, is the underlying cause. People at this stage of their lives are bursting with energy - and stresses. One of the major causes is the changes is the move towards sexual maturity and sexual psychology. It is well accepted that these pent up sexual urges, changes and unreleased "desires". To try to put this mildly as possible, Paul Deane suggests in his book, 'Sex & the Paranormal', that unconscious sexual thought about the opposite sex, even with-in ones own family, can be a large factor. Please note that this is a jealousy issue, not a desire issue. Then of course there are thoughts about boy/girl friends and the usual high school stuff.  Now apart from sexual conflict, there is homework, social issues, trying to become an "adult" in a home and world that thought of you as just a kid, misunderstandings between the agent and peers and parents... Thank god that's over! So what happens, these issues build up until one reaches the point of no return and Bang! Psychic hiccup. They usually occur in a safe environment such as home, so they are not noticed outside the home often.

  Not to let her take all of the blame, your son is also at the prime age for being an agent - in this case, to a much lessor degree. And... so are you! In your case the term that I coined is (SIPK)or Stress Induced Psychokinesis. Remember the heredity factor? This may explain the events of years ago. Well, in my opinion, it is the reason for the events in your past.

  I have to laugh, technically, you are not putting things into your kids heads. It's the "things" coming out of their heads that is the issue. So how to get rid of all of this. Bear in mind that it will be outgrown, although, like you, may occasionally reoccur as SIPK in adulthood. And then never happen again, or things will get quite for years until an excess of stress pops into your life... again, sound familiar?

  Unfortunately, in the case of teens, learning to let go and relax is difficult. Everyday a new world of teenageism  opens up to them. Spell check does not like teenageism, making it hard to coin a phrase. But if you could get her into some relaxation exercises, it might help. Bear in mind that subconsciously she may be harboring the stresses, while appearing calm and relaxed. Also, the more time after dark that she spends staring at a phone or other device screen (yes TV counts) is playing havoc on her Melatonin level, the hormone that helps her relax and sleep. Melatonin kicks in after dark, and by staring into a lit screen, the brain does not know that it is night. I will not offer medical advice, I'm not qualified. I will say that I take a melatonin supplement, found in the supplement department of nearly any pharmacy, because I am often in front of a screen at night, my bad. I am getting into the habit of a self-imposed "Lights Out" around 9 pm.

  I might also suggest that anyone under stress listen to binaural beats at help them relax (they can also help one study and retain that knowledge). Something like this may help,
However, should one feel uncomfortable using this, discontinue.

  Well "N", I hope that this has helped with some of your concerns. If you have any more concerns or questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with me. I'm here to help.  

All my best,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation,
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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