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Good afteroon. I was always kind of reluctant to believe in ghosts, like 50-50 so to speak until this week. At 10PM i moped the kitchen's floor but i didn't wash the mop well so it left a thin film over the tiles. I left the kitchen' door half open to let it dry and went to my bedroom to watch some tv. Two hours later around midnight i went to lock the doors because it was bedtime and bring my dog Marilu in. My other 3 dogs were in the living room next to the kitchen, it's an open concept so my dogs have visual domain of the kitchen. And then i discovered over the tiles some footprints that were not mine on the direction of the guest bedrooms but they went inside the bathroom which door is always open. I didn't panic but went into a state of disbelieve on them. First i thought it was an intruder that somehow had managed to override my alarm system. Adding to my confusion my bedroom' door was shut down (i didn't actually see it shutting down) and i never close my bedroom' door. But in the rush of the moment i thought one of my dogs might have accidentally closed it somehow so i didn't give it too much thought. I searched the bedrooms, under the beds, the closets, to no avail. I thought from the beginning that it wasn't human because there were footprints going in but there were no footprints going out so whatever got in didn't leave. I was about to open my attic door and search the attic but decided not to, that was the only place someone could hide but time has proven no one was there. They are unusual footprints, very "pointed" like and they were left while the tiles were wet because i could see the mark of its fingers on some of them, so whoever or whatever it was had no shoes, it was barefoot. I was also mesmerized on the fact that my 4 80 pound pit bulls did not react to that thing since i have heard that cats and dogs are sensitive to ghosts. I took a pic of them and posted it on my Facebook wall for friends to give me some advise, and i got some interesting ones. One of them told me that if my dogs didn't react to the ghost is because it might have been around for years and they already know him and are familiar with it, which makes sense somehow. Other friend told me that if my dogs didn't bark to it is because is not a bad ghost but a good one so they are fine with it. The next day i didn't take a picture but i moped again at 8PM and went outside for 2 hours to water my gardens and when i came back there were another set of the same type of footprints this time LEAVING the bathroom and going into the living room. I live alone with my dogs. I had 14 cockatiels but they died one by one the last year for unknown reasons so is now me and the dogs only. My question is: is this ghost a good guy or a bad guy? could it be my deceased mother who is here to protect me 24 X 7? Are my 4 dogs in danger? Am I in danger? Do ghosts need a door or window to get in or can they go thru walls? The house is in downtown and was built in 1941 during the II world war and was sold new to a U.S. Sergeant in 1946 after the war ended. He raised his family here and moved up north of the city during the 70's. He is still alive. Some neighbors have told me that the second owner had an accident and a child died in one of the bedrooms. It was a fixer upper so after buying it i stripped it off to rebuild it and i noticed from inside the attic some old fire damage to the roof on the 3rd bedroom confirming the fire story, but i didn't give it too much thought. But those footprints are not from a child rather from an adult, judging by their size. The 3rd owners became alcoholics and lost the house to foreclosure and i bought it on 2010. It is 1240 sf sitting on a 7,000 sf lot. Thank you for your time and answer! I'm attaching the picture of the footprints.

Hello "R",

  Thank you for re-sending this letter to me at All Experts. I really wanted this shared with the public so that others may benefit from my reply, but your first letter contained too much information that could be used to identify you on a personal level. Your identity and location in the world (I get questions from around the globe) are now safe. As well, you have added some additional info to this question that was not in the first letter and that is greatly appreciated!

  This is one of those rare circumstances that I can say, "Yes, you have a ghost but might not have a haunting." Say what? How can one have a resident ghost yet not be haunted? The way that the Eidolon Project Canada describes a haunting is that the activity is caused by an active, interactive and reactive entity. So here are the four possibilities of what is occurring at your home:
1- Residual Phenomena
2- Active Haunting (with a very laid back, benign, or uninterested ghost)
3- A "content" ghost that has for some reason is making her presence known.
4- You have a drop-in. A wandering ghost who is taking up hostel in your home for awhile.

  What I love about your question is that is an opportunity to use my skills as a spectral profiler. Your additional information gives me more to go on. As always I will tackle this from a number of angles before reaching an educated opinion. I am also going to analyze the photo using my forensic programs to try to grab more detail. So this reply will reach you a bit later than you may expect, as experts can not add to a reply or start a new thread, we can only edit existing ones. So I'm off to do some analysis, I'll be back...

  I'm back... the photo analysis indicates that the stride is uneven with one step being about 6 inches from the support foot and the other being about 4 inches from the support foot, based on the tiles being 12 inches square. To me that indicates a limp and/or spinal/hip issues. It would be interesting should this occur again if small circles were present indicating a cane. The foot is also shod. Due to the fact that there is no break between the heel and toe the footwear would have to be flat, such as a slipper. The pressure is also over the big toe as the outside upper foot is nearly missing, so the person had an off center balance. Finally the person tended to drag the foot slightly before lifting it as indicated by the elongated large toe length.

  Of the possibilities that I listed, my best opinion is that this is the owner who had the accident. Even if this fellow is not dead, his mental condition could be responsible for his sudden appearance (that is not to say that he has not been there for awhile, it is that there is some reason why after 6 years of your residency there he is only making himself known now. If he is not dead, he may be close, or in a state of mind where he has returned "home". This is where I question if the activity may be residual in nature. If the trip from bedroom to bathroom was painful and traumatic for him, that pain may have etched itself into the "fabric" of your home. If residual, the dogs likely would not pick up on it as technically, all that is there is a "memory" that is being reenacted. Contrary to popular belief, most residual phenomena is not technically a haunting. If a tragic event occurred that was traumatic enough to become a part of the atmosphere of the building (stone tape theory) there is no reason for a death to have occurred for that energy to become "taped". For example, say Prisoner #34567 of some high security prison suffered a life threatening beating, rape and stabbing that all but took his life. There is no reason for that event to become etched into the atmosphere of the institution. That event may play itself over and over even though the prisoner had been released years ago and is living half way across the world. The phenomena is active although he is still alive. I can guarantee that 99% of so called "ghost hunters" would blame the phenomena on a deceased person without question because of the erroneous usage of the term 'haunting'.

  Now if this is an entity haunting, it seems mild and the ghost seems harmless enough. Its making itself known was an event of circumstance,  you washed a floor, it went to the can. This ghost may not be aware that it has died from it former existence.  Or it may be going through its daily routine unaware of or give a damn about you, the time/space, or anything else. This sounds very similar to residual phenomena and many in this field would say that it is. The difference is that this unaware, content or not concerned ghost could become active -  because regardless of "where it is " in its mental mind state, it is still intelligent active, and therefore can become reactive and interactive if the conditions are prime. For example many a content ghost will only make itself known if major renovations are being made to "their" home, or if someone decorates a home, but not to the ghosts liking. Residual activity has no intelligence or consciousness to it. In any event, the person was familiar with the layout of the home. An apparition (not a ghost) that is floating, or has no legs or is a wall passer is likely caused by residual phenomena. Of course exceptions exist.

  I do not believe that this ghost is of any danger to you or your dogs. Perhaps someone sleeping in the guest room may witness or feel something, but that does not indicate danger, just awareness. Is it your mother? You'd be better to know that from me from the information regarding the steps. Did she have leg or hip problems, walk with a limp? If so there is a possibility and she is staying in the quest room to be "out of the way."

  No -  ghosts do not need an actual open entrance to enter a home. If a certain ghost lived in a place, then it would use the same conveniences that it was used to in life. Now if you were to renovate and move the entrance to say the other side of the room, remodeling and putting in a new wall where the old door was, the ghost, being use to exiting and entering through where the door used to be would mean that it might travel through the wall (its old doorway). However if the phenomena were residual, a replay of the past, and the same renovations were done, the replay would use the old doorway as well. This is why a quite, content ghost is so often confused with residual phenomena. An intelligent entity (ghost) might use the new door. Ghosts are people in essence, still human beings and therefore, it's only a guess what any particular one may or may not do. Just like the living.

  "R" since your home was built, there has been a lot of events that took place there. When moving into a home one rarely thinks, "Hey, I wonder what the history behind the people before me is?" If I were you I would have somebody come in and smudge your home. Do not bring in a priest or have a religious ceremony done. It may offend whom ever is there and a content ghost can get ticked off quickly if it thinks that you are trying to kick it out of "its" home. You would. Just a general cleansing of the negative energy that has built up over the last 75 years will be a start for now.

  I hope that this late response has helped clear up some of the concerns that you so well presented. As always, if you have any further questions regarding this or any other events that you are curious about that fall within my areas of expertise, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help.

Wishing you well,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation,
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

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