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QUESTION: So I'm not sure what's happening. Over the past few years my family has noticed strange things happening. It started with hearing accordion music late at night, then hearing voices and people calling our names. Then everything stopped and we thought maybe we were crazy. Now things have started again, but this time it's different. Our TV has changed channels and made wierd noises, our microwave door opens by itself, and things have started moving around the house. Most recently while being home alone I noticed my bedroom door open, which I never leave open, so I closed it back. As I'm walking away I hear my door slowly start to open, I turn around and the door is open again. Is our house haunting or are we just being paranoid?


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Ghosts and Hauntings with your concerns. Crazy and/or paranoid? Not likely, the crazy and paranoid never consider themselves to be either. The sane ones question whats going on, the others either outright accept it or immediately consider it paranormal.

  I always try to look at situations from a number of angles, starting with the "scientific" (normal, logical) explanations before moving onto the explanations that fall outside the boundaries of the "normal" (paranormal. If I gave only "paranormal" based answers, then I am in effect not acting ethically, empirically or responsibly. Let's get into the issues...

  I suppose that I could Google it, but you'd know better how the weather has been in your part of the woods lately. Changes in environmental conditions can cause hinges to behave differently and the expansion of wood / metal can make changes in how a movable item such as a door acts (reacts really). Since you heard the door open, and that the sound made an impact, I will assume that the door opens and closes quietly as a rule. If it is now creaking, then an environmental issue is likely the cause. For example, here in Edmonton, Alberta, it has been rather humid lately, to the point where doors that fit the frames have swollen to the point where they need a good push to open or close. I've recently oiled thing up as the hinges were creaking, the heat causing the metal to expand. Also make certain that things are level.

  It is not uncommon for voices and noises to be carried through the plumbing, as the pipes act as conductors and sound from one house can actually be carried through the plumbing and be heard in another house. Location is also a concern, as in rural or remote places sound can travel for miles on a clear night or over water.

  Any remote device that has a close enough frequency as your television remote could trigger a reaction with the operation of the item. For example, occasionally the remote car, or garage opener will turn a television within its range on or off if the frequencies cross. As for things moving about the house, it might be somebody moving them or absentmindedness. And that should just about do it for the pseudo-skeptics, materialists and cynics of the paranormal.

  If the events are not caused by the aforementioned conditions do not apply then you may have a resident ghost present. To determine this I will need a bit more information.

1- How old is the residence?

2- How long have you lived there?

3- Have you or any of your household experimented with spirit contact? If so, how and when?

4- Are there teenage children, or people going through or nearing puberty in the house?

5- Does anyone have a sleep disorder, or sleepwalk?

6- When you close doors, are you certain that the latch is secure? For example, when closing a door, do you give it a tug to make certain that it is indeed completely shut and that the handle needs to be turned to open it?

7- Have arguments and disagreements increased between household members lately? If so, are they escalating?

   I look forward to your reply.

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation,
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1-The house is 7 years old and sits on 30 acres in the middle of nowhere.
2-We've lives in the house for 7 years, but on the same property for 22 years.
3-No one living in the house has experimented with spirit contact. My grandmother did 20+ years ago using a quija board but doesn't live with us.
4-When we first noticed the strange activity we had 2 teenage boys living in the house.
5-No sleeping disorders
6-No arguments
Thank you for your quick reply

Hello "M",

  Thank you for the additional information. I helps shed some light on the issue. Now some of the things that you mention may have some bearing on your situation such as location and the age of your sons when this started. After 20 years anything done in as much as using a ouija board I am removing from the formula.

  Obviously the things moving about the home is not due to sleepwalkers moving things, but I will allow absentmindedness to still play a part.

  Because of your location, there are two factors that must be considered, both most likely caused by the wind. The first, infra-sound. Humans hear within the 20Hz. - 20,000Hz. range. However wind blowing over your land, treed or not can cause frequencies to occur that fall below our range of hearing. Frequencies in the 17Hz. - 19 Hz. range (not written in stone, variables exist) can cause what are know as "haunt-like" sensations. Another related event that may be occurring when the wind blows is a phenomena known as a "witch wind". Not only can haunt-like sensations occur, but the positive ions that are produced negatively effect the body and mind. More murders occur during a witch wind. This is just information for you to keep in mind and be aware of.

  Now for the part that may add the twist of some actual paranormal activity happening. Oh those teenagers! There are two events that teenagers can produce. Although females are usually to blame by a small margin, boys have the same effect. First, and the one that I am going to rule out if they no longer live with you (not ruled out but a likely factor if they do, is a phenomena called RSPK (Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis). This can happen to people going through puberty, usually between the ages of 13 - 19 (give or take). The changes that are happening with-in their bodies and minds, social pressures, biological issues, chemical, hormonal changes.... What can happen it that all of the pressure builds up and "psychic hiccups", as I call them, randomly and without any thought or effort on the causing party, spontaneously happen.

  Because much of the produced activity mimics that of poltergeist, many parapsychologists blame all poltergeist activity on RSPK. However they are wrong. In reality poltergeist (noisy ghost; Ger.) is exactly what it is and what the term originally meant before parapsychology decided to start mislabeling things. I refer to it as what it is - poltergeist-like activity. So to clear it up, poltergeist activity is caused by an entity, poltergeist like activity is caused by a living human agent. Similarities between the two are, objects moving seeming of their own accord, objects disappearing only to show up where they were last seen, or somewhere totally out of place, such as a salt shaker in a work boot. Electrical apparatus, TV's radios, lights etc. all seem to take on a life of their own. Other similarities exist.

  The second factor may be that entity poltergeists are attracted to the energy that teens have in relation to all of the aforementioned causes.  Bio-energy is an attractant to ghosts, it's close to the source of what they were use to while living. The events that they cause are the same as a psychic hiccup (thus my differentiation). If this is the case they can usually be gotten rid of by doing a smudging/cleansing ceremony in your home. They will also take a hike when the source of energy runs dry, such as hitting adulthood. Incidentally, so does RSPK.

  Okay, there is a third possibility, that someone unwittingly  brought someone home with them.  This may happen if someone has been in a hospital for a while. There are loads of lost souls wandering about hospitals. Or if one passes a funeral home or graveyard on a regular bases. If one passes by a hospice on a regular bases could be a cause for a ghost following someone. However funeral homes and graveyards are among the least places to be haunted, and if so, the least likely to have a ghost follow anyone (they are where they are for a personal reason). However, hospitals are hot spots. Most go in expecting to come out. Those who don't may not know that they have died, may have been on some type of drug upon passing and are confused, or are simply lost.

  You might also have a ghost that was content in living aside you in "their" home or on "their" land. But if you do renovations or make changes to "their" property, they may lose their contention and let you know that they are not happy.

  That said, do not try to kick anything out directly. And by all means, do not have any religious ceremony such as a priest's blessing done with the intent of removing a ghost or entity. A secular cleansing is best. It is well documented that entity poltergeists get royally ticked off with religion.  

  "M" even if this is a haunting, it is seemingly mild. Still, ghosts have a place to be and your home isn't it. But for now I'd keep notes as to what occurs and when it occurs and some general info in a journal. Doing so you may find a common factor, and that will make things easier in the long run; be it a logical cause or a paranormal one, knowledge rules.

  I hope that this has helped a little. But I am definitely here to help should you need more information or have further questions. It's what I do. In the mean time, ask for protection from your guides, guardians and gatekeepers (bouncers) of the pure white light to protect you and your property. Can't hurt and asking is as simple as, "I ask that my guide, my guardians and gatekeeper to surround my, my home and my possessions within a circle of pure white protective light. Thank you." Each individual in the residence could do it, or you can do it for all by changing "my" to "our" not forgetting to mention names of who you want protected.

Take care,

Greg Pocha,
Director of Parapsychology, Afterlife and Paranormal Studies,
Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Investigation,
Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada  

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