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Hello this is concerning on What to get my wife at a short notice. We've had rockbottoms from tension and stress through finance, baby, and job. I works offshore but returns thursday. Here's the deal, I plan on getting a hotel room for me and her while our son is being babysitted by his greatgrandmother at our house. we're all going out to eat as a family and me and wife will be alone that night. I wanted to know, What can buy that'll have her in tears as dedication to our love? My spending range is 50 to a 100 dollars. She deserves something nice. Flowers is out the question because i can't count how many times i've done that. I wants to surprise her. But i have to buy it quickly in between the time i make it in town and getting myself together at the hotel room to hide the gift. I pray that you respond before i returns. i need a little help here.

Hi Lee,

I'm not sure when you need the reply. I just saw it, and I'm busy too, you know it's Christmas.
But just to give you some quick ideas. Does she like chocolate? You can buy a nice glass decorative container (could be a bowl, a jug, a huge wine glass, etc) and fill it with pretty and tasty chocolate. Most women love chocolate and will be happy with lots of them ;)

All women love jewelry and with $50-100 budget there is a lot you can buy. I don't know where you live so can't tell you which stores to visit, but generally all department stores have jewelry sections. You can choose a necklace or earrings or a bracelet, and sometimes you can find matching ones. You need to know if she prefers gold or silver or colorful jewelry. Also if she usually wears big jewelry or small (depending usually on the size of the person). A heart pendant can be symbolic to show her you love her.

You can look for a pair of leather gloves, or a nice scarf. These are always useful.

How about buying some good aromatic oil, candles, champagne, and chocolate, and making her a queen at the hotel by giving her massage, then spoil her with chocolate and champagne?

You could also give her a CD with love songs, a book about love, or a movie. Perhaps when you're at the hotel choose a romantic movie to watch together.

Whatever you buy remember to ask for a gift voucher so if she wants to change it, she will be able to.

I am sorry I don't have time to go into more details. I hope this helps.

Merry Christmas,

How to Get a Gift for a Loved One

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