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what 18 gifts shall i give my girlfriend on her birthday? plz help me get the list of gifts.

Hello, Anil, is 18 a must?

If so, have you studied her likes and dislikes?  the core idea to thoughtful gift giving it to get someone what they desire, and most often they have things similar to what they most desire all around them.

If so here are some general ideas for gifting:

What colors does she wear most? Those are her favorites to wear, so buy more like-colored clothing in the styles you see her in - which is also important. Know her "look" so you can get something within her range of liked style items, but unique from you.

Jewelry is also the same - what kind of earrings, necklaces and rings does she wear? Type of metal/materials preferred?

Perfumes can also be included - ask her friends what she likes, wears, and find out the base notes to pick perfumes from the same base not categories so she will most likely enjoy the new scents too.

Or if she has mentioned to you an item.... or while strolling together, you saw that something caught her eye that you would be comfortable getting her.

All these suggestions should give you some ideas on what to get her - do tell me what you finally chose, and good luck!

PS: Nothing is usually cherished as a hand written note/card. It shows you took the time to put some personal message to her.


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There is an intrinsic ability everyone has, to become an amazing gift giver. It is a relatively easy technique to teach and help people "see." I would like to help people be able to be the thoughtful gift givers they desire to be.


For more than 35 years, I have studied psychology, marketing, and the study of love languages body language and gift giving as a form of showing care and love. Gifting is as old as man, and to do it well isn't rocket science but does take some insight and intuition that can be taught to everyone, yet it can enrich your life exponentially.

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