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How to Get a Gift for a Loved One/I really like this girl? what should I do ??Confused....never seen a girl like this........... :)


What should I do ?? I really like this girl........Help me please.....?
I'm a 17 year old boy studying in Standard XII (High School)...
I'm Cool,nice and quite Outgoing kind of guy..I get along with

everyone very fast...and I
make friends easily -
Recently I've started going to coaching classes (Well I'm Good in

studies) and I
like a girl there....I just Love her from the first day I saw

her....and She's the most
unique girl I've ever seen in my lifetime till now.

..Reasons - 1) She Never had a Boyfriend till now.....Same as me
2) She never EVER talks to any boy in the class....and I mean

not even an eye contact ....she just ignores boys (But She's

Straight :P )
3) I asked her friend about her and she told my that my Angel

HATES Boys -
She isn't interested in any relationships ....She doesn't have any

interest in talking to boys ..(Quite odd)
4) She's fine with girls - She laughs,enjoys and She's Brilliant in

too....She's very mature,polite and really very Beautiful... :)
5) She is always getting Great Marks...... and I love her Smile

...She noticed me
once looking at her but didn't care...I've just stared at her...I

helped her out with 1-2 small chores (Picking up her

pen,holding her paper etc but No Smile...No Thanks

..Nothing)...and Btw I talk to her friends
very freely - only she remains silent ....Can't really get the

Perfect Time to talk to her alone....
6) One of my friend told me that when she joined classes last

year - every
boy fantasized about her - every boy tried to propose her but

nobody could even talk to
her ....and This year I'm the only one pursuing her (I'm just 2

months old in
classes)...She rejected everybody ...Everyone says that She's

Now The PRoblem is that She's always surrounded by her 3-4

female friends....She
doesn't hang out (So she's a type of "Come late-go early" girl who

just attends the
lectures) ....Now my friends tell me to go and talk to her....but It

feels so awkward as
She never talks to any boy and She's always with her

friends....What should I say? What
should I do? I love her so much so I don't want to leave her

....and I'm sure She'll love
me when she'll get to know me...

I recently talked to her friend..
.(I was gossiping with her)...
.and She told me that My Angel HATES boys because
..She thinks that all Boys are Dirty ...
Dirty in the sense that 1) they always want sex
2)they flirt with every girl
3) They just want to use girls
4)they can't just remain JUST FRIENDS
5)they ALWAYS flirt Now or Later ...but they DO FLIRT...and SHe

doesn't like that...

Now I'm a really Good guy ...I won't ever let her feel insecure or

uncomfortable around's just that I feel So AWKWARD

talking to her in front of everyone ....My friends will tease me

etc ...and she might get hurt ....Need Advice ....

(Sorry if I'm reposting this but I'm really desperate....Now I know

that She thinks that ALL guys are bad)

Hello, Aman.

If I were you, I'd just use the direct friend approach early on. Comment on her comment in class, a similar opinion you held to hers, anything you seem to have in common. Ask her next, on another day, if she'd like to get a coffee after class, etc. You can ask her if you can speak to her alone, to ask her, and her friends should oblige.

Also remember, everyone is human and she obviously was hurt before. Go slow, and consider she may NOT be the girl for you. Rest your heart and see her as a fellow human. Approach it from that point of view, and be friends first. Its the best way, to learn about someone much more before giving your heart.

Best to you- let me know how it is going!

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