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Hi, I could really use your help with this. I go through this every gift giving occasion. I know my fiancÚ very well and we have been together for 11 years this Feburary. However, I feel like I have the most difficult time coming up with a gift he will love. I know that he appreciates whatever I give, but I really want to be able to know that he will really love it. Maybe that's putting too much pressure on myself. Anyway, he is a high techi kind of person and I happen to know of plenty of things he would absolutely love to have but they are really expensive and out of my knowledge range to feel competent enough to buy. I am aiming to spend between $100-$250 on him this year. Our anniversary is two days before Valentines day so we usually celebrate them as one. So the gift or gifts will be for both. He loves working with computers and having high tech things. We also just bought a fixer upper house so I am wondering if I should get him a fancy tool. He likes football but he's not really into collecting things related to it. He has a motorcycle, a guitar he never plays, and he's a craft guy that loves working with his hands. He is 29 and has a really good paying job so he already spoils himself and me. I feel like I'm trying to buy for the guy who has everything. That's why I actually bought him one of those experience type gifts for Christmas. It was a learn to fly a Cessna (small airplane). He really enjoyed that! I'm not sure, but I think it might be redundant if I get him another experience gift now. I feel lost more than ever this time! Any help you can give would be so appreciated! Oh and I almost forgot... I have not done well buying him clothes in the past and he loves to ski, but I don't know about buying him stuff for that hobby. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

Hello, Courtney-

Here is a tip for good gifting -

Listen to the hints all around you and the person you want to gift--

What does he like to surround himself with?

It's in the clothes they wear, the colors, styles, the rooms they decorate and inhabit - where they go, what they like to eat and do, movie styles and sports, their deep held beliefs -  they scream out what the person is and what they like.

Stop trying so hard and just look and listen, keeping yourself OUT OF IT - just SEE him....and then you will know.


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