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Hi Sonya. I am a woman in her thirties who is unable to work due to disability/illness and I am on a fixed income. My mom's birthday is coming up and I want so badly to do something extra special for her. She does SO much for me, and I want to give something back. I want to get her a thoughtful gift that she will love, but I don't have a lot of money to work with. Do you have any suggestions? I couldn't afford to spend more than $35-40. I would greatly appreciate some creative, thoughtful and inexpensive suggestions/ideas. Thank you for your time.

Hi Barbara,

Gifting doesn't have to cost much -

They key for most success is to watch the person and see what they wear and how they wear it, what they like in and around their home, their core hobbies and ideas, lifestyle and beliefs beyond the cursory (where you can choose poorly by not knowing "why" they like something).

But you already "know" this person very well -you KNOW what she likes and why.
SO just sit and think a minute - till the choices become clear and you can even see them in items you see when you are out and about. The gift of time is also priceless, and one you can return to her - How about making and printing a coupon book tied with ribbons with a few coupons of things you can do together "This coupon good for one homemade dinner," or buy her a pedicure, a beauty makeover, haircut,  etc, based on what she would like but would never buy for herself.

Also, never underestimate good thrift stores. I have gifted many friends and family members with amazing thrift store finds. You know what clothes she likes- find a label and a unique color or style in her size, take it home wash and press it and wrap it uniquely and voila! A thoughtful gift she will cherish!

Let me know what you decide!

How to Get a Gift for a Loved One

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There is an intrinsic ability everyone has, to become an amazing gift giver. It is a relatively easy technique to teach and help people "see." I would like to help people be able to be the thoughtful gift givers they desire to be.


For more than 35 years, I have studied psychology, marketing, and the study of love languages body language and gift giving as a form of showing care and love. Gifting is as old as man, and to do it well isn't rocket science but does take some insight and intuition that can be taught to everyone, yet it can enrich your life exponentially.

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