How to Get a Gift for a Loved One/Gift Ideas For First Year


I am relativly good when it comes to gifts, and though most of them are home made, most people have prefered a gift from someone else, like a video game or a book or something. This one has to be special,  more than just a drawing or ragdoll or's my first aneversery for me and my boyfriend, and I really want to make it personal, but also really amazing....I have artistic skill, but I'm not sure how to use it to create something like that....or would I just be better buying something?....
please help! Much, much apreciated!

Hi Coaley,

First of all, the gift should reflect what the RECEIVER would like, not the gifter. That is a cardinal rule of good gift giving. WHAT does your recipient like? What does he collect? What's his prized possession? Hobbies? Foods? etc.

If you aren't also a similar item hobbyist to know EXACTLY the right thing, don't try -  forget finding the right thing within this line and give a gift certificate if you want to contribute to his interests.

Again, just make it easy - everyone broadcasts their likes and dislikes. Watch and see what your recipient likes. Then don't give something different, give what they already express they like.

It's that easy.  

How to Get a Gift for a Loved One

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Sonya Snyder


There is an intrinsic ability everyone has, to become an amazing gift giver. It is a relatively easy technique to teach and help people "see." I would like to help people be able to be the thoughtful gift givers they desire to be.


For more than 35 years, I have studied psychology, marketing, and the study of love languages body language and gift giving as a form of showing care and love. Gifting is as old as man, and to do it well isn't rocket science but does take some insight and intuition that can be taught to everyone, yet it can enrich your life exponentially.

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