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QUESTION: Hii, my boyfriend is not romantic at all and never got me anything but i want to get him a gift just as a reminder of how much i love him

I was thinking from a wallet, a belt shoes\
but i am not really sure...

And Gucci is the brand am thinking of

I would greatly appreciate it if you help

Thank you very much

ANSWER: Dear 0000

If your boyfriend has never gotten you a gift, then perhaps instead of getting him an expensive gift, or show how you care, look for the signals he is giving that helps you find out more information - how long have you dated? How old are both of you? How serious are you? Him?

Guys can be funny - they like to do the chasing and wooing if they want something. They  have to work for a prize in order to value it. Don't make it easy or they don't appreciate you....if he isn't pursuing and wooing, then there's a bigger issue to address, than what to give him. For now, give him nothing.  Really understand this.

If he isn't giving you any gifts, and this is also reflected in lack of focus on you, staying connected with you, and showing other areas of interest, I wouldn't do any gift giving..... but determine instead if you may be more in to him, than he into you. If that is the case, giving a guy a gift or even telling him how you care, will backfire and make him run.

Better to do if this is the case, is to play it very nice but cool, be busy a lot with interesting things you enjoy doing ("Oh I'd love to go to dinner on Tuesday but I have this great basket weaving class that night  with my friends, that I just can't miss.... How about Friday?" Is how to play it) and tell him your excitement about these), and fit him in for a date or dinner every second or third time he asks you out. Make him have to work for you and your attentions,  so he will see you as a prize who is in need of gifts and attention in order to keep you.  

If he doesn't give you gifts, what else doesn't he also do? I do need more info to best answer gifting. I think your question is really where this relationship is going, and what to do to turn it around.  

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QUESTION: thank you very much for putting time into helping me

the relationship between my boyfriend and i is very serious, we are serious about each other and he loves me so much
he is such an amazing and loyal person but he is not romantic though i told him and begged him to be
he always replies by saying im not it just who i am but i love you so much and you know that

the thing is it hurts me a lot like unbelievably, he sees love as two equal thing like i should do this for him and he should do the same
but i dont, the way i see it is that hes supposed to be the man of the relationship and think of ways on how to make me happy, like i should feel " oh what a gentleman" but thats not the case
i always think of ways to make him happy and all that and that's why i decided to get him something
for his bday i got him a burberry shirt
and i now am thinking of either a wallet or a belt from gucci
though my friends tell me not to
my boyrfriend also tells me am not romantic though i really am i do so many sweet things for him but the thing is am mostly not feeling okay bcuz i expect too much then get disappointed
i wanna try to do sweet things
i did the enveloppes thing where it says open when....
i want some more ideas on what to do and what to get for him

thank you very much again

Why ask me again if you did the opposite of what I advised?

Keep giving a guy like this gifts -- and soon you will qualify as non-valuable usable door mat, if that is what you want.

You are right about one thing - Men in love DO want to do what you think a guy would do.  As I said before, words are cheap. Actions matter.  His actions say how he feels about you.

So,  do what you like, and know, the more you do for him, the less he will want you.  

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