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Gifted Children/no full scale score on WISC IV


Psych help wrote at 2010-08-24 03:50:04
I am a school Psychologist. I can confirm that we do not give a Full Scale IQ Score when there is a large descrepency between Verbal Comprehension and Perceptual Reasoning Composite Index scores. This is because the Full Scale IQ score is simply an average of these otherscores and if there is a large descrpency then it is mis leading to average these. It is better to give th actual descrepent for the separate Composite Index scores for Verbal and Perceptual. They have partly done this by giving you the Percentile Ranks which show you where the Composite Scores lie as compared to the population of the same age as your child. Certainly your child is very able in visual /spatial analysis (Perceptual Reasoning). On he basis of the other results your child is Average for Verbal Comprehension and the area of greatest weakness is Processing Speed or how quickly and accurately your child can take in and make sense of new visual information. From these results your child needs extra time on visual spatial learning but given that time will surpass their peers with results in the top 2% of the population for perceptual reasoning. Your child operates in the bottom 34% of the population though for the speed with which they take in new visual hands on learning. I hope that this helps. And yes your child did the sub tests as thus is how the percentiles were derived.

Hi! wrote at 2015-05-14 01:50:25
Giving a full score would drastically decrease where your child should be.  It is common for high perceptual reasoning children to have a learning disorder that decreases their intelligence in other areas, but not a true reflection of their a full score downplays their intelligence.  

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