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Gifted Children/Is my child slow in development or gifted?


Momof2 wrote at 2012-12-16 12:22:08
I disagree with this answer, I don't think that speech delay kids are autistic at all (autistic kids can show emotions) my two kids (boy & girl) are both speech delay, both are extremely sensitive and very charming, both are very smart in certain skills: computers, puzzles, mazes, spacial skills, recognizing other languages (I speak spanish and I'm teaching them language, they know who speaks the language too, we went to italy and they knew that the language was very similar to spanish) they hate to sit in a classroom and learn like the other children, they actually can sit, but won't do anything the teacher ask them to do, but at home in a fun environment they are very creative.   I just think that their brain is not mature yet to learn or processing the language but they will catch up.   I come from a very bright family (no counting myself in that group) my brothers, father and uncles are engineers (one of my uncles is a scientist) my husband is a musician who plays piano daily (my kids are attractive to music too and can remember musical pieces from movies or pieces they heard)  I hate when people label them as autistic when they are actually very sensitive kids, be careful, don not harm your kid self steam, let them explore the surroundings, instead of forcing them to be "normal".  This was the recommendation of their paediatrician, although the school think that they need a global physiologic text, I completely disagree with them (teacher sometime create a big problem when the kid won't follow them)  

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My biggest area of expertise is in autistic and other developmentally disabled gifted kids (especially creatively gifted disabled kids). I can also answer questions about gifted/talented children in general. I can't answer questions about legal issues and such (eg fighting the education system), but I can answer questions about what it's like for the child and so on. I'm better at dealing with questions about school-aged children than preschoolers.


I am a highly creative autistic person with a tested IQ in the gifted range. I've also read a lot about gifted kids.

Just high school. I'm a first-year student at university.

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