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My son, who is now 15 months and one week old, is our first child and I have been around babies hardly at all in my life so I have no idea how to place him.  To me he seems very advanced, though, like most moms, I am in awe of everything he does.

He met all of his milestones well ahead of time.  Standing at 6 months, cruising at 7 months, walking on his own at 10 months.  He is running now and is very steady on his feet.

He has shown signs of being able to reason since 8 months and shown signs of awareness of things around him nearly since birth.  When he bumps his head or gets hurt, if you ask what happened, he will reenact what happened (without actually hurting himself the second time) as if to show you what happened.

He started to try to whistle last week... has been dancing to music since he could stand... tries to snap his fingers (he has nearly perfect rhythm)

He also asks to go to bed by going to the stairs and telling us all "night-night" and will wipe himself with a wipe when changing his diaper.  He also blows his own nose and wipes his mouth after he eats.

Here is the amazing part... last count, he knows 95 words.  These are words he knows and uses regularly, not just words he repeats.  He can repeat many many more.

He says please and thank you correctly (OH, and signs them, too!)
We do not push him at all and he is almost always happy. He only cries maybe twice/week.  He even wakes up happy and plays in his crib for hours by himself if he is left alone. He is a wonderful sharer and plays great with other kids (usually 2 or 3 year olds), so there doesn't seem to be any social issue.  

He is already "pretending" by using different voices to "answer" the phone with... he will pretend to answer his toy phone with a deep "HELLO" and then laugh about it. Also, he will "walk" his stuffed animals and has been using a vroom sound with his toy cars since about 11 months.

We were at the Dr the other day and we were in the Dinosaur Room.  He kept calling them "Choo Choo" which was weird because he knows what a Choo Choo (Train) is.  I later found out that he watches a show called "Dinosaur Train" so, I was correcting him and he was trying to tell me that he sees them on "Dinosaur Train". LOL

If he is above the norm, as I suspect, what can I do to encourage that growth? Also, how unusual or "advanced" for lack of better word, is he?

You've got quite a guy!  You can expect lots of fun, tears, anger, and joy in your family.

Go to Free Spirit Publishing (  There is a free ebook that you can download: "You Know Your Child is Gifted When.....A Beginner's Guide to Life on the Bright Side". Other parents have told me that with reading that they felt more confident immediately about being able to meet their gifted child's needs.

There's a few points that you may not always see in media or discussions about giftedness but are key to thriving as a family.

1. The most important thing to do for a gifted child, for everyone in the family and household, is to MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE HIGH PRIORITY.

2. It is critical for parents to be mindful at all times of the child's EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  He'll never run short of intellectual stimulation, but no matter how smart you are, if you can't get along with people, success and fulfilling relationships are elusive or impossible.

3. THE PARENTS ARE THE PARENTS.  Gifted kids need structure, correction, and consistency even more than kids who aren't gifted.  There's a tendency for parents of a gifted child to one day have a flash of clarity and realize that the child is running the household and training the parents!  They are stunned, thinking "Oh no! How did that happen?!"

4. There are countless expensive books, programs, people and web sites that claim authority about giftedness, but are really preying on concerned parents who want to give their child the brightest future possible. There's a post 2/18/12 "very interested in books" in which you'll find a list of resources you can trust.

5. Have as much family fun as possible, the sillier the better.  Make family memories. Laugh a lot together.

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