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QUESTION: How is being "gifted" defined? Certainly differently than being "special" which is also a positive word. lol. Is it simply someone of a genius IQ level or are there more criteria? Should I assume gifted people contribute a lot to society hence why this topic interests you?

ANSWER: "Giftedness" refers to individuals with some, but not all, of a very large number of characteristics; some are emotional, some intellectual, some creative.  Gifted people are often described as "intense" or "driven."  It can't be contained within a brief definition.

Gifted people may or may not make significant contributions to society.  It cannot be assumed about all gifted people.

A good place for you to learn more about gifted adults is, "Gifted People and their Problems", a pdf book by Francis Heylighen.

To learn more about gifted children, is a good place to start.

Are there additional questions you'd like to ask?

I'm curious why you asked about my interest in this topic. Can you tell me more about that?

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QUESTION: Are gifted children often times autistic and very internal, or just as outgoing as the next outgoing person in nearly half of cases? Other than getting free schooling and potentially very good careers, what is the significance of giftedness? Why is it something to strive for? I've read up on genius and it seems that although there might be some heretitary connection, in general a genius could be born from two mentally disabled adults, and an underachiever could be born of two geniuses. In fact I knew a girl once who was a genius that got all her schooling paid for all the way up to PH.D. because she was that successful in school having to make little effort, while her sister works extremely hard and only gets Cs.

"Gifted" and "genius" are not the same thing.  "Genius"  refers to intellectual ability only. Giftedness, as you're learning, is a more-complex phenomenon of intellect, creativity, values, emotion, personality, memory and other traits.  It can be extreme, in which only one trait is beyond super-human function, for which the term "savant" is used.  You may be familiar with the movie "Rainman" in which Dustin Hoffman's character had a single, super-human ability with numbers.  When a full box of toothpicks was dropped on the floor, he could tell with the briefest glance, how many toothpicks were on the floor. He was also severely mentally and emotionally impaired, requiring a supervised and assisted residential institution.

Most gifted people have a number of exceptional traits, but not to the degree of a savant.  Some are autistic or have other disabilities. You may find it frustrating, but it isn't possible to make many generalizations.  Giftedness doesn't at all mean free schooling or a good career is always possible.  I don't know what you mean by "significance" or "something to strive for."  Whether a savant or gifted or disabled, people are equally worthy of respect and appreciation. Some gifted people are introverts, others are extroverts.

There is a hereditary component to intelligence, but that also varies and can't be specifically quantified. A genius (not synonymous with being gifted) can be born to mentally disabled parents. Parents can be mentally disabled and still be gifted, or one or both geniuses.  Some gifted people can make good use of formal education, for others it's useless. Just between you and me (and the rest of the world), I got three C's in my undergraduate work.

I'm curious to know what motivated you to learn more about being gifted. You are not obligated to tell me, of course.  

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