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Gifted Children/high level of language ability in a 2 yr 11 months old girl


QUESTION: Dear Dr coleman,
I am a mother of a 2 yr 11 month old. I am finding my daughter use complicated sentences and phrases . She has started to refer herself as yuktha( her name) from 6 months onwards. She is doing role play, playing several roles in drama all by herself. She recites and acts several mythological stories, toughest epics like ramayana to todays cartoon characters like dora, noddy etc. She can sing more than 50 rhymes. She has achieved all her mile stones way ahead. As a child she never babbled only started speaking clear words from 6 months. She hardly sleeps. She goes to bed by 1 am at night and wakes up soon too.she can mention all parts of her body, animals, birds, transportation modes both in english and tamil. She can create her own songs and dance. She even rectifies mistakes of others. When my father seeing a pictures it was fox she rectifies it as wolf. She says months and days in order. Tell all our names, her age,  bday, place of birth.she can say all continents. It goes husband and his grand father speak read and write several languages.
Doctor please advise me what I should do as a mother. In my country there is no support for gifted children. I can give her a pyp education in an international school. That is the best available. She has not yet gone to a playschool yet. How should I groom her. Is it right for gifted children to go normal schools. Should I do a formal assesment. If so where and how

ANSWER: I want to ask you a question to help me give you the best answer.  You are not required to answer.

What is a "pyp education"?

I'm searching for where and how you can get formal assessment.

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Pyp is primary years program of study in ib board. Thanks dr please let me also know  if she sounds like a gufted child or her behaviour is normal for this age

ANSWER: Your daughter's language skills are impressive. She probably is gifted. I'm going to list some resources which you can use to learn more about giftedness.  There is an answer posted 2/18/2012 "10 month old very interested in books" that gives you an introduction to giftedness and a list of resources. The information there is useful for your daughter even though she is older.

There is a web site at, it's also a branch of the New York Times with articles by Carol Bainbridge. It's free for your use.

India does have some services for gifted children and testing sites.  I believe Carol is familiar with those.  You can also read about them:, Provision for Gifted Children in Primary Schools.  That's a Pdf book with a section about resources in India. Another site which has information about resources in India can be found at

These things will get you started.  Gifted kids do often go to schools with kids who are average. If your daughter goes to an average school you'll find ways to nurture her specialness.  You're a good mom and love your daughter, and you don't have to be alone with trying to figure things out.  You can always write to me again, and Carol at will help too.  You did the right thing by writing.

Thank you for letting me serve you.  Return any time.

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QUESTION: Dear dr coleman,
First of all my sincere thanks to you for helping mothers like us. Your inputs were  really informative. I am unable to get any contact details of  ms carol bainbridge over net. I am looking out for her email id. Also yuktha has completed nursery math of 45 chapters in just two days in ixl. Com. Currently she is doing kindergarden math that too with cimplete comfort and at ease with minimal to nil tuting. She is doing subtractions and additions now.
My query is how should I improve her analytical and logical skills
Should I prepare her for standford binnet. If so how. What are the materials to be introduced to her. I saw a website by name nyc bright kids which sells books on these testing. Is it right to do it or should she be allowed to take the test right away.
Are these tests linguistically favourable for native english speakers. I am concerned on this aspect too.

Please give as to how should I homeschool her till the time she enters nursery.

Thanks in advance

Warm regards
Capt & mrs raghavan

Hello and God bless,

Carol Bainbridge's site is quite useful and current. Where she used to provide her e-mail address no longer lists it.  You can reach her on Facebook.  The site is crammed with information; take your time to explore it.  If you don't connect through FB, let me know.  I'm not sure how many questions she takes, it may be better to explore the site and anything that you have a question about feel free to ask me.

The other source that I so appreciate is "Free Spirit Publishing", they are high-quality and responsible.  There are endless books, games, programs Internet sites and people who claim they are experts on giftedness. Most of them are worthless, they're just preying on parents who want to give their child the brightest future possible

Parenting gifted kids can require more energy than kids of average intelligence. Sometimes you won't know whether to laugh or cry or both at the same time.  Some cautions are important. You'll be reading more about everything, but I want to emphasize some points.

If you learn only one thing today from this answer, it's this: the most important, powerful thing you can do for your daughter and family is to MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE HIGH PRIORITY.

The second most important is: NO GUILT ALLOWED!  When you get that feeling of urgency in your chest, anxiety overwhelms you and your brain tries to tell you you're not going to get this gifted stuff right, tell your brain to SHUT UP! Slow down, take a deep breath, and let yourself and your daughter, dad too, to stop, take a moment, and notice how life is amazing with such a child, and she gets that "amazingness" from her parents.  But she'll still have to brush her teeth and do her chores, like mom and dad. Remember that YOU ARE THE PARENTS, THE ADULTS. YOU ARE IN CHARGE AND RUN THE HOUSEHOLD. Parents with gifted children often snap to attention one day and realize the gifted kid is running the house and training the parents.

The THIRD  most important thing you can do is to HAVE LOTS OF FAMILY FUN, THE SILLIER THE BETTER.  There are even books and info on the Internet.

There is such a plethora of knowledge in our culture, available almost instantly, that it is less important to learn facts per se, and more important to teach "critical thinking," defined as "the awakening of the intellect, thinking about thinking." There are good materials about it in the Free Spirit resources and

She'll never run out of stuff for intellectual development, there's a bigger risk of too much academic stimulation, at the expense of emotional and spiritual development. She needs her parents most for teaching her about love and friendship, and communication, gratitude, respect, generosity, those kind of things.  No matter how smart a person is, if they can't get along with people, success and fulfilling relationships are elusive or impossible.

You do not have to prepare her for testing.  At some point she'll be tested, but Binet even criticized the test he developed. Testing professionals caution against putting too much importance on the tests. You have to consider the whole child.  You'll see my discussion of that posted 6/18/12 "IQ Tests for Gifted child."  Testing isn't useful at this age  There is a pdf book in FS introducing giftedness. The answer posted 2/18/12 "10 month old very interested in books" refers to it and the mom said it really helped her feel more in control and confident.

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