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My Daughter and grandchildren live with my Husband and I. My granddaughter is 5 now and has the ability to recall almost everything you teach her or tell her. I learned this of her the first time I taught her how to spell her name. After one time of repeating it, she new it. I'll teach her a rhyme, french words and phrases, birthdays, days of the week, months(in French also)  the Pledge of Allegiance, one time saying it to her and she can repeat it back to you and never forget it. She reads very well but only after you have told her what the words are, then she can read the book back to you. She knows all the coins and their values and can tell you what holiday is in each month. She knows so much but falls short on her motor skills such as writing . I don't think she has a photographic memory so what would you call it? I'm just amazed by this ability.

Your granddaughter is blessed to have such a caring grandmother right in the same house.  Your daughter is fortunate that your home is her home as well.

It is thought that children are born with terrific memories. They can learn and remember as you describe, because they don't have a lot of information and images cluttering and competing for storage in the brain.  That gradually decreases as the child gets older.

You are correct - she doesn't have a photographic memory (the medical word is eidetic memory) and applies only to what is learned by sight. It does seem that she has exceptional memory for her age.

She may be gifted. Most children her age would hardly be beginning to read.  You describe her motor activity as falling short, such as in writing. Not at all! At her age writing is normally just beginning.  

From kids who are extra "smart", we often expect too much. They can seem years ahead of age in intellectual ability, but emotional development sticks close to age.  It's  important to be mindful of that difference, and to give enough attention to emotional development. There is a tendency to give a lot of attention to academics at the expense of nurturing emotional health.

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