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My five year old daughter's Pre-K teacher believes she is gifted.  She has suggested that I get my daughter tested to see exactly how gifted she is.  But, the school system is not exactly keen on the idea of testing a student so young (they suggest after seven years of age#. Having these tests done privately isn't affordable at the moment, so I'm in a bit of a pickle.  
 We try very hard to keep her stimulated, but most games,toys,learning activities are very short lived. She tends to fly through workbooks, and when something is a challenge to her- she becomes obsessed with it. #i.e. a new, challenging game on her hand held device or learning to hula hoop - the hula hoop period lasted for weeks and didn't end until she mastered three hoops at once) But, once her 'obsession' ends - she's done with it, except for random revisits to make sure she's still mastered that skill.  
So, I guess my main question would be "What advice would you give to someone who can't afford private testing and has a reluctant to test public school system?"
Also, could you recommend reading for us as parents of a gifted child?  After some online reading, I truly believe she is gifted.....her Pre-K assessment scores plus her behaviors I feel are spot on with every checklist, article, etc.
      Thank you!

ANSWER: Don't worry about the testing right now.  It's often over-emphasized.  It starts being useful at 4-5 years of age, and gets more accurate as the child gets older.

Previous answers good for you:

2/18/12 "10 month old very interested in books" which is quite lengthy.  Even though
       daughter is older, it's appropriate for her, too.

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There is a list of resources at that sight.  You'll love Free Spirit Publishing  There's one exception - I no longer recommend "Children: the Challenge."
I reread it recently and was tolerant of some physical punishment, which is never OK.

Several points which are worthy of stating over and over:

For your family to thrive, MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE HIGH PRIORITY.

No matter how smart a person is, if they can't get along with people, they have little chance for success and fulfilling relationships.

Have as much family fun as possible. Laugh a lot. Be silly. Create family traditions and rituals.

Please get back to me with any questions sparked by your reading, or specific matters for your daughter only.

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QUESTION: I would say I'm unclear on the correct path to take - some say test now, before we have major behavioral issues caused by boredom (we have had some minor issues in Pre-K stemming from boredom).....some say wait, it's not going to be accurate until she's older.  I'm just unclear on how to proceed.   Not so much that you are just seems all the info is conflicting.  I've spoken w/ her pediatrician and now my daughter will be going for an autism screening - the doc didn't seem to think she's autistic (Asbergers)but wants to eliminate it as a cause for my daughter being behind on social/emotional milestones.   Also, the school system will test her - but they want to wait until after she starts Kindergarten. To give her the chance to mature a bit more and see how she responds to a different curriculum.

ANSWER: Thank you for getting back to me.  Are you feeling ok with the plan now, or would you like  additional comments from me?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

The pediatrician saw my daughter - she was in for a check up for her allergies.  I asked the doc for advice on the how to proceed b/c of her Pre-K teacher stressing to me how gifted she is.  After she (Doc) quizzed me for about 30 minutes she said she wanted my daughter screened for autism (asbergers specifically).  I do have a nephew with Asbergers, but I've never been able to spend any time with him.  From what I'm told he's a completely brilliant child, but suffers from alot of social anxiety.
 I am worried that she will be misdiagnosed, I've read that alot of gifted kids are misdiagnosed with asbergers, ADHD, etc.  My intention is to research Asberger's more to see what I think about this screening. The appointment hasn't been made I have time to think things through before we do this.

You're handling this complicated concern very well.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is the agency/organization that sets children's health policy, issues statements about pediatric care, is the highest word on disease, treatments, learning problems. They have an information site that's free, and my experience with them is that they have very rigorous standards for medical care and parent information. You can feel safe with trusting the info you get on that site. That's a good, well-written, place to start and not too overwhelming.

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