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I have 17 month old girl, when she was 15 month old she started building 4-5 wooden blocks. Now, at 17 months she is building 14 blocks. When I see development charts, they say 3-4 blocks are extraordinary for her age.

She is not talking yet, so I don't know if she could be considered as gifted? She loves music, she is playing music with her toys and dancing in front of us. I am only considered about talking, she is bubbling a lot using her hands but no understandable words.

I would really appreciate your opinion. All the best.

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, Parent Educator & Lecturer
Darleen Claire Wodzens  
Dear Bixi

Congratulations on your wonderful and precious daughter!

You are such an observant parent to notice your child's various developmental patterns. You are right! Her motor development seems to be excellent! This could very well be an area in which your child has a special talent!

You also noticed that she is not talking yet, loves music, and dances. So you have done a fine job of outlining her developmental progress. Each child has areas of strength and areas that are less advanced. Every human being is actually a unique blend of abilities in the various domains ... intellectual, motor and movement, communication, social skills, language, logic, emotional, etc.

Here is what is most important!!! Keep on working with her as you have. Clearly, you must be that wonderful parent who gets on the floor and shows her how to stack the blocks higher. Then you give her a little help. Then you pull back and let her try it on her own, providing positive feedback. That is a very effective teaching technique!

You can use a similar teaching pattern in all areas of your little girl's life. That includes shapes and colors, vocabulary, dance moves, names of animals, letters, manners ... and so on.

I know you are NOT this kind of parent .... but some parents get too caught up on what their child does really well. They put a child who sings well into multiple singing and voice classes. That can cause little children to put too much focus in an area that they have already gained great skill ... and take away time and opportunity to practice skills and tasks that they need some work on. Remember ... each child is a blend of higher ability and lower ability areas. That is true of every human being - we are blended ability levels mixed up into one awesome person!

Just asking this question tells me what a committed and attentive parent you are! Best of luck!

If you want to read more, you can find some info at One of my favorite authors about childhood development is T. Berry Brazelton, MD. His books are older, but that means you can purchase them inexpensively. He co-founded the Zero to Three Foundation that helped the nation learn about early childhood development. His books are still some of the best around!

Happy parenting!

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, QPPE

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