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Hi Darlene!
Could you give me your opinion on what to look for when selecting board games for gifted children?
Thank you so much!

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, Parent Educator & Lecturer
Darleen Claire Wodzens  
Hello, Kelly

I am so happy that you are on top of the finer aspects of your child's development. Playing games is a great way to have fun while your child balances out the spectrum of abilities. Of course, your gifted child is already powerful in the areas of strength and ability. My first consideration would be to evaluate that areas in which your child needs growth. Then I would look for themes that will challenge and grow those areas!

If your wonderful child is great at Math and Science but not very socially competent, then I would focus on games that promote social interaction. A charades type game is a fun example. Such a game promotes use of nonverbal communication in a socially engaging environment. Role-playing games are equally rich in social interaction. As the parent, you will naturally know which areas to promote through game playing to help your child become a well rounded person.

If your child needs to develop motor control and coordination, consider some games that involve movement. Puzzles, Jenga, and Twister are some simple examples. Some puzzles are quite complex, even making 3 dimensional images. If your child would like to improve memory and retention, consider a memory based game.

Games that involve creativity are fabulous for gifted learners. Some card games require ingenuity and creativity. While a card game, Pinochle is an example of a game that requires counting cards, using logic to deduce what cards opponents are holding, and strategizing to maximize points. Chess is always a lovely thinking game. Other games of strategy can develop the critical mind.

Here is a website with board game ideas for gifted and talented learners.

Please look for games that are developmentally appropriate. Even though gifted and talented learners may be beyond their years academically and cognitively, they are still children. Keeping the content and topics of games to an appropriate range based on age is important to support your child's optimal social development.

I love that you asked this question! Best of luck! I hope you and your child have many happy hours playing board games and just plain having fun together!

Happy Parenting!

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, QPPE

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