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I am struggling with a few things. I have twin boys that are 5 years old and in kindergarten. They have been tested partially for reading, math and comprehension. In all of these subjects both boys score at an early 2nd grade level. Our problem is that these two darlings do not want to do normal everyday child activities. The do not want to go outside and play, they do not like cartoons, they have no interest in activities of an average 5 or 6 year old child. The boys would rather research things on the computer or play adult games. They read 2nd and 3rd grade books for their school reading assignments. They read the newspaper with grandma every morning.

The school has been giving them all of the higher grades work and they are excelling above what they are being given. One of the boys teachers stated that she is dumbfounded as to how intelligent these boys are and stated that her student has performed negative number subtractions and did them correctly.

We are struggling with what we can do as parents to keep them going the way they are going. Should we look into gifted schools? At what point would it be advisable to have their IQ tested to see where they actually should be? I also have been wondering if there are programs on the computer that I can download to continue to help them learn? They have requested the United States Presidents and the States and Capitols maps, and also the universe information, the dinosaur information and have asked for math far above their tested level. Is it something we should be doing for them at this point? Or, would that be pushing them too much?

Very blessed mom of two!

Dear Stephanie,

I am about to walk out the door to my dauther's 21st birthday dinner! But I wanted you to have a response right away because this is important. So I will give you a direct and brief answer; let me know what additional questions you have after reading this, and we can communicate more!

You are so lucky and blessed, I agree!!! Congratulations!

Here are the things you can focus on:

1) Their cognitive advancement is not necessarily aligned with their emotional, social, and life experience advancement. Giving them challenging academic materials that are socio-emotionally appropriate for them may be a challenge. Please keep this in mind, so they have the chance to develop through that lovely innocence of childhood ... on their own schedule!

2) You may do best placing them in a gifted program. That is a personal decision that has many implications, including their social and emotional development. Their peer set will change if you change their placement, and this will have a dramatic impact on their development. Your mother-meter will help you decide if this is a good solution.

3) In the meantime, teachers are supposed to practice something called "differentiation of instruction". It is entirely possible to provide your children with engaging and interesting material even while they are in the existing classroom. Here are a few ideas you can discuss with the teacher and principal in order to maximize your children's experience while in the current school:

---They can be switched to a classroom with a teacher who is certified in Gifted and Talented Education.

---You can purchase enrichment materials to provide to the teacher - and your children will do this enrichment work in lieu of the on-grade work that is below their ability level.

---Your children can serve as cross-ability peer tutors, helping other children in their grade. This will provide your children with wonderful exposure to leadership and give them a chance to get to know classmates with whom they might not be close.

---The school can augment your children's curriculum with computer based and printed materials that are more challenging and appropriate.

Well, there are a few ideas to get your started! I am so happy for you. Let me know if you have further questions. I do suggest that you print this and bring it to your teacher and principal. They are responsible for responding to your children's very real needs.

Best of luck and Happy Parenting!!

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MA ESE, QPPE

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