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Gifted Children/18-month-old extraordinary?? Really need insight.


Educational Specialist wrote at 2006-10-02 19:26:06
This child sounds like MANY children I know.  If this is your first child you are just facinated with the learning process.  Forget labeling your child as gifted or not, take him as far as HE can go ----  and enjoy him being smart, healthy and active.  Why would we measure a baby's intelligence other than for our own egos ---- ENJOY YOUR BABY - who cares if he's gifted? Maybe he is but why label him?

Carol wrote at 2006-10-22 00:09:39
We label gifted children for the same reason we label any child -- not for our egos, but to see that they get an appropriate education.  It is fine in theory to say that we should just take our children as far as they can go, but the truth of the matter is that schools often hold these children back and don't allow them to go as far as they can go.

Parents of gifted children understand that.  Parents of average or just bright children do not.

ruby wrote at 2008-03-12 07:36:07
I have an 18 month old now.  I also can tell he is a very clever and smart boy, but your Gavin sounds so wonderful!  Keep pushing that little boy with what you are doing.  I think you are doing great.  He may be sharper than other kids his age.  The one piece of advice I want to give you is this:

Do you let him watch TV?  You did not mention TV so I am assuming you don't.  If you do then stick with Barney, Sesame Street, Blue's Clues.  Teletubbies is too mindless for him, even if he likes watching it.  Anything else, even cartoons go too fast and damage his wonderful brain.  But a little bit of the type of shows I mentioned may not hurt, again I am no doctor.  

The other thing you want to keep in mind is that sometimes gifted children are (as they are growing up and as adults) a little bit more sensitive or emotional than others. Theres a strange connotation to children of Gifted and Talented classes etc, that they are a bit "weird."

Only because their brains are more sophisticated than other children their age.  You can make him avoid any complications in life though. So you want to teach him from a very young age, like now, how to cope with his emotions. To be able to to pick up and move on, or try again in life.  With your love and training he will be a grounded, stable, PEACEFUL child. Then not only will he be the sharpest little boy (or adult of course) he will be a stable, happy, individual.  Exactly what you want anyways!

I wish you all the best with your little one.  I'm sure he is very adorable and huggable.

ruby wrote at 2008-03-12 07:39:13
i agree Carol, I think the school system in our country holds ALL children back, gifted or not.  But if your baby shows even a tiny potential for being great, (all moms probably see that in their child)  then you've got to push forward with that.  Their brains have a HUGE capability to learn numerous things, more than we can.

Kate Haigh wrote at 2010-05-18 15:47:18
Your Gavin and my Harry sound one and the same. Harry is 14 months and stacks bricks which have an animal on one side, they always have to be the right way up and facing him. He too crawled at 5 months but had already been able to pull himself up to stand before then. Walked at 9 now climbing on everything and moving toys and small furniture to enable him to get higher!!! Isn't it exhausting!!! Oh yes for a couple of months he has been bringing plastic fruit to me when he wants a real piece of fruit. Everytrhing else rings a bell too like fetching his colour book and pointing to colours when we say one in conversation. We can ask him to get pretty much anything off his shelf by name, oh and he too NEVER SLEEPS AAARRRGGGGHHHH. I have recently decided to encourage his strengths to a certain extent and have started making picture cards for him which he loves. We try to have quite a bit of quiet play to keep him calm like reading and sorting. He may enjoy baking too. biscuits are great as he can squish them and watch them rise in the oven -  Good luck, I can't wait for my husband to get back from work, making dinner is my break time haha xxx.

poppy wrote at 2010-07-09 06:00:14
my daughter is also very clever and I wanted to share just about sleeping as it can be so tiring when you on the go all day - it is possible to get them to sleep.  I have a loose routine with my daughter where we have a snack and drink which we have in her room while we read tons of books and then we sing a few songs and put her baby to bed.  She chooses a teddy (which she then throws on the floor as she is not bothered about cuddling one!) but it is all part of the routine and then we turn off the lamp and have cuddle.  I have made her cot into a bed as she climbed out of it anyway and she is clever enough to know to stay in bed once we are going to sleep.  Then I sit and read while she goes to sleep.  I chat her if she needs it but I try to be really soft and quiet or she is off again!

Hope you dont get too tired

rachel wrote at 2010-10-14 12:56:47
My daughter is just 17months and the story of your little boy rang so many bells. My daughter will not play with children her own age I genuinely think she finds them to boring. She already rides a shetland pony we do not hold her on and everyone who asks her ages is completely shocked an says they thought she was between 2 an 3. She is already singing the abc song. And follows instructions knows when she is doing something she should not be and loves books any books is the only things that keep her attention for any length of time. Am now watching this space where she is concerned because do not want her being held back from her abilities.

Kate wrote at 2011-10-03 00:29:03
Stop trying to sell products in your response. Motor skill development has no correlation with cognitive development unless motor skill development is directly related to a disability. Gavin sounds like a very smart kid, but gifted kids do not need special toys. On the contrary. Gifted kids are creative enough to find new ways to play with the standard toys. Actually the most basic toys (crayons, paper, blocks, standard books) are the best toys for gifted kids.

Jblgmz1 wrote at 2011-10-18 05:17:34
My daughter, now 4, also did stuff early. She rolled over at 4 weeks, started crawling and sitting up on her own at 5 month, started walking around holding on to stuff at 6 month, and started walking at 9 month. She used to kot do puzzles or shape thing ether, but now is very good at them. She has always enjoyed toys above her age. At 9month her favorite thing was to play with baby dolls. She blew our her 1 yr birthday candles on her own. She was potty trained by 18 m. I have never looked into her being gifted, just known she is smart, a real fast learner, and has a good memory! Just always try and help your son expand his knowledge, Taln to him as if he is an adult, etc! My 7 1/2m old is already crawling, sitting, standing alone, walking holding on to stuff, waving boodbye, pointing at pictures in

Susan Sanchrz wrote at 2012-07-04 01:53:32
Hi my name is Susan. I read your story and was so touched by it. I am a teacher assistant. I love kids, especially the little ones; they are precious gifts from God. I will keep little Gavin in prayer. My prayer for him and your family is that through your amazing journey that the Lord will draw near to all of you  :-). I hope little Gavin will also be used by God in a beautiful and mighty way. Hey, ya near know, he might be the next Bill Gates but even better! Best wishes and blessings to you and little Gavin

A sister in Christ,


Susan Sanhez wrote at 2012-07-04 02:01:03
It might be a neat idea to pick up a childrens bible and read to Gavin at night? I am also a mother of two (now young adult children). My kids still have fond memories of our prayer times together  :-). Have a happy & safe 4th of July all.

A sister in Christ,

Susan  :-)

Lovethekids wrote at 2012-08-22 23:24:57
I had a son like yours..ended up finishing Gatech in Aerospace. He still doesnt sleep much and is constantly developing new products for the company he works for. Just keep him engaged and follow his lead. Careful about siblings though...make sure you highlight their special gifts as well.

drydensmum wrote at 2012-11-15 01:26:43
Wow! Also ringing some bells with my 18 month old, hence why I have been searching the internet for some information! I was floored this evening when Dryden "read" Hop on Pop with his Dad...I'm sure a lot of it was memory, but it prompted my search! He also wanted to stand at a very early age, and would not nap, I was lucky if we got two 20 min snoozes each day. Thankfully he will stay down for about an hour daily now. I found that once he started talking, around 14m, the pace has been fast and furious! I can tell him something once and he will immediately say it back and add it to his daily conversation. I am amazed on a daily basis what he can comprehend and is able to do. What joys they are...looking forward to nourishing that beautiful brain for years to come!  

Marianne wrote at 2013-07-31 23:00:56
At eighteen months it is way too early to predict giftedness.  My daughter was able to pronounce any word I asked and knew all her letters,could pronounce them and recognize  each one. She also started reading at four,pretty much taught herself.  When tested at school for gifted,she was above average but not gifted. Her friend who was gifted also

did these things.  However before he turned two he asked the question why all the time. He spoke in complete sentences before two with amazing vocabulary. Let him develop his skills naturally and do not put any undo pressure on him. Would not want your mom to be disappointed!  

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