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Gifted Children/5 year old-what is average?


Marina wrote at 2007-06-06 18:19:07
Your child seems bright and very normal for his age. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but everything you describe is more age appropriate then gifted. Reaching milestones early does NOT equal gifted (although it may mean he is above average in intelligence or physically). This kind of confusion detracts from the gifted programs in school because it creates such a huge influx of (smart) but not gifted children entering the program simply because parents want them to have the label. This takes the funds from children who need a special program in order to thrive (those who’s academic needs are multiple grade levels above their peers). Only 2 percent of children are truly gifted, but since we all love our children and know they are all special a hugely disproportioned number of parents claim to have gifted children.

Your son is doing what a 5-year-old should be doing (if you need proof buy a Kindergartner workbook in any supermarket or book store, you will see everything you describe there being taught to normal Kindergartners. Except, of course, counting to a million, although I doubt you actually tested that theory). Many parents use the "gifted" label for their precautions and lively children. All children love to explore and to pick up new skills. A gifted label is given after being tested by a skilled child psychologist (or similar expert) with a formal IQ test. This is very helpful in case your child's academic needs are not being meet.  When my son was in Kindergarten he could not keep his focus like other children. I had him tested because I was worried there was something wrong, but based on his IQ score AND academic testing the problem was solved by placing him in 3rd grade reading and 4th grade math class, it helped tremendously and made it easier for him to spend the rest of the day with his peers. If your son is having similar difficulty adjusting in school do get him tested... otherwise simply enjoy your bright little boy.

Carol wrote at 2007-06-10 02:24:15
This child does not sound like a typical five-year old child.  It's true that there reaching milestones early is not a definitive sign of giftedness, but it's a pretty good indication, especially when other signs are there -- like extreme sensitivity and a large vocabulary.  Testing does not always reveal giftedness either. It depends on the test AND the tester.

veganmom wrote at 2011-11-30 13:50:15
Like you, I am looking for answers whether my child is gifted.  I want to know if there is a special program I can place him in, rather than a classroom of 25 children at my local elementary school that does not under any circumstances, allow the children to skip grades.  Based on your description, my child is absolutely gifted because he is 4 and can read chapter books with ease.  He cannot do math in his head though - wow impressive! He can add double digit numbers but only on paper. (14 +12)

I tried sending him to preschool when he was 3 and pulled him out 3 months later.  His teachers said that he was difficult to deal with and would not listen to directions.  Because of his 'bad attitude' my son would come home and tell me how his teachers were teasing him about everything.  When confronted, they admitted to it.  I made a complaint at the office and dis-enrolled him.  My son is difficult to deal with but because he is gifted I am at a loss.  He does not belong in a classroom of 25 children and he needs a very understanding teacher.  Thanks for asking your question because it actually answered my own.

Chris wrote at 2012-11-25 15:34:19
I dont think this describes a "gifted" child at all. Sounds like my son and his three friends.  All of them are 5 and at the same exact level that you describe.  Sounds like a health 5 year old.  Please push him, but dont let your expectations hinder his learning. Remember the statistics.  It is not bad to have an average kid.  

you and your kid are "gifted" wrote at 2014-01-22 21:00:10
You and your kid are assholes he isnt gifted my kid is 4 and does the same he is on point with other kids his age.  

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