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Simmons3 wrote at 2013-09-08 01:24:45
Hi I was reading your story and wanted to tell you about my experience with my five year old son.

He started reading when he was three when he started kindergarten his teacher recommended that he be tested for gifted.

My son was tested and his IQ is 135. Let me stop and say GOD is good. he was then sent to gifted classes three times a week.

Because the school does not have a full magnet program.

So at the end of my the the school year I was contacted by the school

Board to discuss my sons IQ scores and SAT scores .my son scored a 100% on his SAT in kindergarten.

So I was told to take my son out of public school and enroll him in a full magnet school.

I applied and he was accepted into North Dade Center for Modern Languge. Only of the top magnet schools in the nation .

So first enroll him in an all magnet school

Also look into the Mensa Society your sons test score qualify for him to be accepted .

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