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Gifted Children/advanced toddlers who even out?


Joe wrote at 2013-11-03 05:59:59
I think that a caveat is in order. We are biological creatures although past giftedness is an excellent predictor for future giftedness, there is variance due to a host of causes. Diet, stimulation, illness, some people might tend to be comparatively brighter at different ages due to our unique biological clocks.

I know there is much debate on how to determine giftedness, but to make an easy example. Lets arbitrarily call 130 IQ and above the definition of gifted. If a child scores 131 when they are in the 2nd grade then we can say that child is gifted. However, there is close to a 50-50 chance if that child is retested that child will no longer be gifted, but will only be very bright. Of course you could claim test variance, but the variance I am talking about is that within the child. Now, with the same definition I would say a kid with a 160 IQ is very unlikely to ever test as non gifted unless he chooses to.

Another piece of information that parents of gifted should realize is that the average and most common IQ is 100. Average IQ people have the numbers behind them. To get advice from 160 IQ people is hard because there are so few of those people around, and most of them are busy. This is probably obvious to most parents of gifted children as there is some correlation between parent and child intelligence. However, it is entirely possible, even if less likely, for two average intelligence parents to have a highly gifted child. Those parents I think need as much information as possible.

I do agree with most of what you say. I just think it is important to remember that in humans and other animals intelligence is a biological function that is subject to real variance.

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