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My daughter is in 5th grade. She recently tested at a 1200  Lextil reading level and she can do 6-8 grade math depending on the type. Ie graphing she is on 8th grade level. She recently completed the IQ test through school and her score was a 119. 2 weeks after testing she recalled the answer to one of the questions she could not remember the word to. She decribed it but didn't know what it was called During the verbal part of testing. Is this an average score for a child that reads at 11th grade level? Does the Phsycologist take into consideration any part of an answer or just yes/no?

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Hi Jean,
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On any of the tests, the answer has to be within what is expected for that type of answer.  There are guidelines about what is an acceptable answer and what is not.  For example, after an individually given test to my daughter, the tester said she knew my daughter knew the information for a couple of the test items, but the answers were something not within what could be accepted to mark the questions right.  This is why there are several questions within each category of testing.

I am not personally familiar with that particular test, but a score of 119 can be considered gifted or not, depending on the context of the scores and the requirements of specific programs.  I know this does not sound like an exact answer to your question, but it's the best answer I can give with the information given.

I suggest you speak with whoever gave the test to ask more about why the test was given, what was being sought during the process, and what is being done with the results of the testing.

Your daughter seems like a bright young lady who is ahead of what is usually expected of a girl her age, both in verbal and math skills. This is good.  Encourage her to enjoy learning and to go on to college in the future.

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