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QUESTION: Retell is a manufacturer of call recording hardware/software. We are planning to supply a global partner with our product but each country seems to have a complex and expensive telecoms testing and approvals process. Can you advise us please if we supply a list of these countries ?

ANSWER: Yes, I can. Depending upon how extensive that list is and what countries are involved it may be something that we may have to deal with outside of this forum, however if you send the list, I will see what I can do to help you.

As part of our business here we also are able to provide a plan for an expedient and cost-effective approach to obtain these approvals and to manage the approvals process for you.


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QUESTION: Countries are : Australia/Cyprus/Denmark/Indonesia/Malaysia/Poland/Thailand/Turkey/USA/Vietnam.

at this stage we are trying to establish if gaining approvals is a long process or a matter of bureaucratic rubber stamping. Can it be established exactly what is needed in each country and an idea of costs.


I could provide you with a budgetary estimate if you can provide more details of the product in order to determine the specific test required. I can tell you in general that there will be a number of requirements for most of these countries which would include|:

Product Safety: Power adaptors such as for the handset connector 650 must be approved. If you buy off the shelf adaptors that helps if they have the necessary ratings and approvals for each relevant market already. The products that plug into the telephone line directly could be subjected to transients and lightning strikes and thus must be shown to be safe - there are stringent requirements in the USA in this regard.

Telecom Testing: For products which connect directly into the network there are requirements to prevent harm to the network and these vary from country to country.

Electromagnetic Interference: This is to minimize the risk of your product interfering with other products. This will be a requirement for most markets that you plan to enter and requires testing, but no formal submission unless you have incorporated Bluetooth, WiFi, or other radio features into the products. If so the testing is more extensive and there is a certification process in some markets.

Electromagnetic Immunity: This is to minimize the risk of your product being affected by outside disturbances on the AC Mains, by Static discharge or radio/magnetic interference from other sources. This affects primarily the European Countries.

The EU also has some other requirements that you need to be aware of for minimizing use of hazardous substances and for reducing waste at end of life.

We can minimize the effort by grouping some of the markets such as Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Poland, and Turkey which have similar testing requirements though Australia and Turkey are not part of the EU and require some different approvals processes. In the EU, many or probably most of your products can be handled by performing the relevant testing and then preparing the relevant paperwork for a declaration. For the USA, there will be certifications required for Product safety. For Australia, it is also by declaration, but there is a submission require and for EU and Australia you will require in country representatives to act as contact points.

We can also minimize the effort once we look at which products you wish to take to which markets perhaps by dealing with some products as part of a family.

Depending on the specific product or products the costs can change significantly. It is definitely not a rubber stamp but our service is helping make this who process as painless and cost-effective for you as possible and have decades of experience doing so.

To get more detailed than this on specifics of pricing and effort required, we would need to take this to a quoting process - the quote is no cost, but would be better to handle separately from this forum. Please contact me as follows:

Tom Smith
TJS Technical Services Inc.
Phone: +1.403.612.6664

We serve customers everywhere in the world - location is not an issue.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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I can answer questions regarding the telecom networks which exist throughout the world as well as requirements and approvals required for equipment to be connected to the networks.


I have been involved in product approvals for over 25 years, working both for major manufacturers, design organizations, and two major testing laboratories. I have experience putting products into countries around the world, working with various approvals agencies, and have been involved in various standards development agencies (Product Safety, EMC and Telecom). I was the Senior Approvals Engineer at the first private telephone approvals laboratory in Canada, and have been involved in the development of Industry Standards for telephone and telephone products.

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Suggested Design Techniques for Telephone Equipment Requiring Canadian Certification Presented at the International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), Chicago, Ill.(1985). Paper published in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics.

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