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Hi Tom,
I think and hope Im asking the right person, as I dont know much about the subject.  Were moving to Ecuador in the fall, and I would like to maintain a U.S. phone number when we do.  I think that Vonage provides such a service, but that is the only one I knew about.  In a search to see how I could do this most economically, I googled u.s. phone number anywhere in the world, and as you can guess I got millions of results, and now Im totally confused.  Without spending days into researching every one of them, how can I figure out which one is the best and most economical for me?  Thanks so much,


I am not going to claim to know all of the options but I will tell you of a few that may be of interest to you. I have used all three in my day to day life so I have a valid basis for comparison. All of these require that you have high speed internet (as will any similar service simply due to the bandwidth required for voice quality)

ACN Digital Phone

The ACN Digital Phone provides you with a full featured service, a US number and if you wish, you can keep your current phone number and have it ported over to this service. You plug your own phone into the box and use it the way you do your current telephone service. It addition, it provides you with no charge long-distance to 60 or more countries. I use this daily for local and long distance and again, excellent service and excellent support. The prime factor in favour of this one is value - lower cost than most standard home phone services around here; rich set of features that make life easier for me; and the value incurred by the no-cost long distance make this my preferred choice. More details available here:

Magicjack (

Magicjack has difference options from a unit that plugs in your USB port (you can plug your own phone into it), to a version that I believe plugs in the power outlet and provides phone service without a computer. You can get a US number - I am not sure if you can port your current number to this service. Ecuador does use a similar power system to Canada and the US, so whatever can safely plug into the outlets here I think should be able to safely plug into the outlets there. They do use the same AC plug types as we do, but also use European style power plugs. I have used the USB version of their service and was happy with the quality and the support. This is probably the lowest cost option, but does not provide you with the same feature set as ACN and provide no-cost long distance only to the US and Canada. Their website is

Skype (

Skype also provides service via internet using software that is downloaded onto your computer. Using a headset on your computer you can communicate freely (no charge) with anyone else who has an account. For additional subscription fees (options are available), you can get your own phone number located in the US. Cost is higher than magicjack.

There may be others that will also provide you with a US number, but I have not investigated or used those other services and therefore cannot comment on them, whether they are good or bad. The ones that I have listed above I feel comfortable in recommending. You mentioned Vonage - again though I am familiar with them, I have never used Vonage and therefore cannot comment on their service offering.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask a follow-up question.


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