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Global warming/Climate Change/Carbon Dioxide causing Global Warming


Hello Allan and thank you in advance!

I would like to know how science is used to identify and solve the problem of Carbon Dioxide affecting Global Warming and what are the benefits and limitations of the science addressing this issue?

Thank you!

It is not a science issue. If you put more blankets on the bed it gets hotter.

That is all there is to global warming and no scientist say otherwise. Of course the geocarbon industries pay their pseudo scientist to make statements saying there is doubt about specific numbers. Of course there is. But the uncertainties about the exactness of the heating, is use to imply there is doubt that the phenomenon is the grim reality it really is.

There are no “benefits and limitations” on the science. The issue is a simple marketing issue. If we stop putting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere then the oil, coal and gas industries go broke. And they don’t want that to happen and they will kill, and they will do whatever it takes to keep us buying and burning their products.  

In Australia we burn about a million barrels of oil a day. That oil costs the oil well owners around $15 a barrel to get it out of the ground and put it in an oil tanker to ship it to Australia. We pay them around $100 a barrel for that oil. It makes excellent marketing sense to allocate $3 a barrel from that huge return and spend it on advertising, on bribing politicians, and on paying, let us say, slightly, unscrupulous “experts” and “scientists” to say what is necessary to avoid the general public thinking it might be a good idea to get rid of the fossil fuel industry, and stop runaway global warming..  

Global warming/Climate Change

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