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I hear from folks I know to be intelligent that there are flaws in the orthodox conclusions regarding the causes of climate change, due in large part to a mis-application of the laws of thermodynamics. that is that the danger is drastically overstated. are there sources I can read to help me evaluate these claims? or would you prefer to comment on this claim as well? these are personal communications, not published sources so I cannot offer a specific reference.

many thanks.

The controlling gas in the greenhouse effect on the planets in the inner solar system is carbon dioxide. It lets sunlight through and the ground heats up. The ground radiates infrared light out but that outflow is massively inhibited by the carbon dioxide in the air a balance is achieved which becomes the average temperature of the planetary surface. The balance is stable provided the greenhouse gas levels arenít altered.

The internal temperature of the planet is absolutely negligible in determining the surface temperature. If it were ice cold at the center of the Earth the temperature on the surface would be almost exactly, and I mean exactly, the same as it is now.

Water is not a greenhouse gas. Water is a vapor and condenses out as rain if it gets too high. Sure it has a strong greenhouse effect but how much water there is in the atmosphere depends ultimately on how much CO2 is in the air. There is no mystery to all this, there is just well structured and vague misinformation. Itís called advertising and image building. And it sucks.

The statement that there is a misapplication of the laws or thermodynamics is absolute rubbish. Put one sheet of glass on a greenhouse and it warms up inside. Two sheets and it get hotter. Science and common sense are completely in accord.

The oil, coal and gas industries have to go out of business or Hurricane Sandy, only worse, will gradually over the next months and years become the new unstable norm. And they donít intend to go out of business.

The oil industry and Hitler have much in common. Hitler said Ė
ďif you repeat the same lie often enough, people will eventually believe it.Ē

And another similarity is that, while ever they are furthering their objectives, who cares how many people die.  

Global warming/Climate Change

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