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Global warming/Climate Change/Earth 2100, Is start of new medieval age ?


Hallo, Sir.

Is future world scenario according to BBC document 'Earth 2100'
possible ?

I hope it is because it's amazing :D

Thanks very much.

Hi Leo. I havenít seen the BBC document you refer to so I canít comment on it. If they are saying that things are a lot worse than the media and the oil companies have been telling us. then thatís true. If they are saying it canít be stopped they may be right. It depends on you.

I say there is only one way to stop the heating and that is to take the CO2 out of the air and turn it into soil organic matter. We fund farmers to do that and we can beat the mess. Effectively they switch to a type of agriculture based on classical organic farming principals. We fund the farmers by removing the tax deductibility on their use of agrochemical chemicals.

Do that and then in a matter of a few years we would be able to reduce carbon dioxide levels to around preindustrial levels. And global warming and climate change would be no more. I invented the concept of soil carbon sequestration back in the late 1980s. So thatís when and why it all started.

Read my book PRIORITY ONE . Itís at my web site. Itís all there. And currently itís free to read and down load.

Itís not what we are putting into the air today thatís the problem. Itís what has been built up over decades of our use of geocarbon as a fuel. (geological carbon).
Of course it also follows that at the same we develop our soils we switch gradually to renewable energy nd I include in that mix the wide spread use of nuclear energy. Itís only oil company propaganda that is convincing us that nuclear energy is somehow dangerious. They have about $100,000,000 a day to spend convincing us and additionally bribing who ever will take their money that all will be well and just keep burning the stuff.

The biggest problem facing the world is that saving the world means putting the geocarbon and agrochemical companies out of business. In 1939 we realized that we had to put the German Nazi Military Dictatorship out of business. But we did. Global warming is more serious than whether Germany and Japan won or lost. Their power would only have lasted for a matter of decades. Dictatorships are never very permanent in this day and age.
Sadly Global Warming will last longer than the thousand years Hitler said the Third Reich was going to last. Are you going to push for taxes on agrochemicals, and support systems for removing the CO2 from the air?

For very soon the heating will become absolute irreversible.  

Global warming/Climate Change

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