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Should the U.S government begin to influence american consumers to purchase electrical powered vehicles, in order to help prevent further piution and to save money?

Electric powered vehicles are a ridiculous idea if the power is to come from a geological carbon source, namely gas or coal. All these ideas we see around us are designed to supposedly lower the production of greenhouse gasses.

But if coal is the ultimate power source for the all electric vehicle then itís better to stick with burning oil based fuels.  

Getting energy out of coal produces more green house gasses than comes from oil. Burning natural gas or coal seam gas produces a little less. The unmentioned problem with geological gasses is that they are totally composed of methane or at least methane is a big proportion of their constituents. Now in the production of these gasses there is a huge loss a leakage, direct to the atmosphere Ė itís ranges from around 2% to over 15%. And remember, methane is at least 23 times more deadly a greenhouse gas as is carbon dioxide. Do the sums. Itís just silly.

The oil companies know this, but the ideas are promoted to sell the concept that the use of such geocarbonaceous materials is going to somehow prevent the Earthís biosphere from continuing to overheat. Fat chance.

The oil industries would naturally support the concept of hybrid vehicle because it supports the same happy thoughts. They are well aware that hybrids are a dead end concept, and they happily watch as everybody goes out and buys massive, fuel consuming, yuppmobiles.   
If nuclear energy is used to produce the electricity then, and only then, does electric vehicles make sense. And great sense. But Americans (especially) are bombarded with the fictional dangers of nuclear energy and nuclear waste.

Look at Japan. The death toll from the nuclear power stations and the cloud of death that spread from them was two. One bloke fell off a ladder and another had a heart attack. But try as hard as you can, youíll find itís impossible to get the deaths caused by oil and gas fires. That we are not meant to not hear about. And we donít.

We should run our vehicles on biodiesel and ethanol. You in the US make it from corn, which is nuts. Sugarcane is the answer. Brazil has no problem.

All the big companies produce cars that run on ethanol and sell them in Brazil. No problem.
It would be great if your Federal Government cut all assistance to the geocarbon industries, then loaded them with more taxes, then cut all taxes on imported ethanol.

But to produce ethanol the best land is where itís hot and wet. Thatís rain forest land so we are all taught by spin doctors that rainforests save the world. More rubbish. Rain forests are not a carbon sink. They havenít been for thousands of years. The sink is blocked and full.

Tropical rainforests are actually a nett producer of green house gasses. They absorb carbon dioxide and then discharge it all back into the atmosphere. But itís actually worse than that because much of it comes back, not as carbon dioxide but as methane. And thatís the stuff thatís 23 times worse than carbon dioxide.

So the other thing your Government should do is recognize that rainforests not only produce greenhouse gasses but also destroy the very soil they grow on. Go check the numbers and be very wary of the well structured spin.

The world needs more people asking curly questions. Thanks.  

Global warming/Climate Change

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