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Global warming/Climate Change/The use of Biofuels as a source of future energy


QUESTION: Hi Mr Yeomans,
I am a student in grade 12 currently studying in Australia. Currently, for my Society and Culture studies, I am doing an investigation into whether “Biofuels are a viable source of energy for Australia” and I was wondering what your thoughts were on the production and use of biofuels. Do you think that the disadvantages of Biofuels outweigh the advantages of it and whether producing Biofuels requires more energy than Biofuels produce. I would also like to know what your own personal opinion is on Biofuels and whether they are, or will become a viable source of energy in the future.
Thank you,

ANSWER: Yes, biofuels must rapidly become the transport fuel of the future, and that start now.

As a result of your question I updated my explanations on biofuels at my web site. It’s very detailed and too big to insert here. Just go to
It’s part of my web site where all the issues on global warming are detailed.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mr Yeomans,

Thank you very much for the reply, and thank you for updating your website. I was wondering whether you could also fill out a questionnaire about Biofuels which would help me tremendously. If not, I would just like to thank you again for your valuable answers.


1.  Can you briefly introduce yourself and explain your experience in your        field of expertise?

2.  Do you think that Australia (or the World) needs to invest more money and research into another form of energy sources?

3.  What is your opinion on the current use and development of Biofuels?

4.  Do you think that Biofuels, if research and developed further could prove to be the next major form of energy source for the world?

5.  Do you feel that the disadvantages of Biofuels outweigh the advantages?

Thank you very much for your time, your answers are very much appreciated.

In answer to your follow up questions, but please no more like these.
1)   You can look me up on Wikipedia.

2)   No not rally as we fully understand producing power from nuclear fission and it’s ridiculously safe and a bit cheaper than coal. More research implies that problems still exist and they don’t. The invention of problems is a geocarbon marketing ploy.

3)   Biofuels right now and can be available in sufficient quantities and at competitive prices to replace petroleum and gas. They are ethanol from sugarcane for spark ignition engines and biodiesel from the chemical combination of sugarcane ethanol with palm oil for compression ignition engines.

4)  Biofuels are already here. It just that the oil companies market the concept that they’re somehow unsuitable as a transport fuel.

5)  There no disadvantages to biofuels. Only the gullible believe  

Global warming/Climate Change

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