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Would it be feasible for the world to mass produce oyster whether for food or pearls could we reverse global warming. Could this ever happen or is there to much economic incentive against it that being the people already in the oyster cultivation. Would it be better done by private enterprise or by government sponsorship. Can other sea food like oysters remove co2 that would be good for commercial development.

  We go through maybe six tons of geocarboniferous materials to power our Western societies. The exact quantities are related to the chemical composition of the oyster shells. Because it's not worth doing the exact sums, let's say we would need six tons of oyster shells to use up the carbon we dig out of the ground.

So we would need to eat and produce well over six tons of oysters for every man, women and child in every affluent society  on Earth. That's about 17 kilograms of oysters each a day, forever.

Please no more stupid questions.

Global warming/Climate Change

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