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Hello.  My name is Krista and I'm in the 4th grade.  I'm studying Global Warming.  If you can, I would like you to write back if you have time.  I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind.

Why do people think that humans cause global warming?  Is everywhere on Earth suffering from global warming?  Do you think that there would be a North Pole if global warming continues?

THank you for your time.  Please write back!


Yes,people are causing the excess heating and yes the whole world is suffering. And yes most of the Arctic and Antarctic ice will melt in your life. Sea levels will rise at least enough to drown most coastal cities. New York, Miami, etx. etc. all over the world. If we do nothing, then it’s inevitable.
   Krista,  I wrote this recently and it might help you.

   I don’t believe that ending global warming is an impossible dream. But it will be if we stay naiveté and gullible. So it’s time to “get understanding”.
   Promoting emission reductions is a joke, and this is why.
Carbon dioxide is like glass in a greenhouse. We have now put CO2 concentrations up by 50%.          It’s as if we’ve double glazed half the planet, trapping in the heat. Thus emission reductions just slows down the speed we double glaze the other half. Dah. Reality demands that we have to remove that accumulated excess CO2.
   In 1989 I proposed we should get world farmers to increase the humus content of their soil. Plants are made of carbon which comes from the air. Humus is made when soil microbes and earth worms digest decomposing plant roots.. Dead roots form into humus better and quicker than dead leaves. Grasses are constantly shedding roots which becomes humus. Tree roots just get bigger until the tree dies. Then termites eat the dead roots, and they produce methane, not humus. Dinosaurs ate tree leaves as grasses didn’t exist. Grasses came later and produced rich fertile soils. And the grazing mammal evolved and from them us.   
   We can end global warming by using soil carbon sequestration to return CO2 levels to normal.
   “Extreme weather events” now kill around 350,000 people per year. And it already costs around $1.2 trillion per year. Dr James Edward Hansen (ex NASA head meteorologist, check Wikipedia) considers a 50% loss in world species from global warming as highly probable.
    Pay farmers $10 a tonne for soil carbon sequestration and for $5.8 trillion, spread over about 10 years, global warming would end. That would then give us the 20 years we need to switch to nuclear energy for power and biofuels for transport. That switch keeps the destabilization of world weather systems from ever happening again.
   We burn about the same per capita as the US and EU so in Australia we burn one million barrels of oil a day. Say $2 a barrel for PR, advertising and Perception Management costs. That would provide about $2,000,000 a day to buy “news” coverage, politicians, out of work “scientists” and some “well informed” public speakers. Remember big tobacco?   
    It is no wonder that the major world environmental movements are structured through their own “mission statements” to avoid even considering that global warming is a serious environmental issue.
     I maintain that the much touted “sustainable energy systems” such as wind, solar, tidal, wave and geothermal can only ever be a relatively minor contributor to the solution. But they’re strongly supported by the geological carbon interests. Likewise the “clean coal scenario” is bur loudly supported.
    Global warming can be stopped but it means the geocarbon and agrochemical industries have to go out of business. Google Allan Yeomans and you’ll get my web site.  

Global warming/Climate Change

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