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Global warming/Climate Change/ecological distruction and exploitation of residents - will it ever change?


Hello  Allan,

I have a question and it would be very nice if you could give me some information.

Since a very young age I was totally interested in and fascinated by other countries, their cultures and people and I travelled to Vietnam and some parts of Africa already. I am 21 now, studying geography and sports. I really want to travel more, but at the moment I kind of depart from the whole travel thing. Many tours remind me of human safaris, people showing off their "way of life", perform cermonies tailored to impress tourists. I really really do not like this way of travelling.
What else makes me really upset is the exploitation of the nature and their residents. People are castet out of their living environment and relocated. The industrie is cutting down trees, looking for gold, poisioning the nature with mercury and bringing entristic illneses to the locals. Additionally, many missionairs reach remote places and teach their religion which wipe out their tradiotions and believes! Of course, I am happy to have a phone,n can go to uni etc. But this topic makes me really upset.

What do you think, will this ever stop? Will there ever be a rethinking and changing? Who is the "man in charge" for this? Many or most people want to safe the nature, stars donate money and work for UNICEF. So why does it not work then?

I hope you can give me some infos.

Thank you in advance.

PS: Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes, I am from Austria!

Do not forget that you are just another one of those tourists you seem to think so poorly of.
I don’t think they do nothing else but “perform ceremonies tailored to empress tourists”. And anyway that is not a fault. The rest of the world does it all the time.

And fortunately there is no “man in charge”. You come from Austria and should know how bad things can get when the people of a nation, in blind and naive stupidity,  put their trust and beliefs in some god like “man in charge”.

If the "natives" want to put it on for the tourists, then it’s their decision and if people want to be entertained, so be it.

Global warming/Climate Change

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