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Global warming/Climate Change/greenhouse effect and the polar region


How does the greenhouse effect effect the polar regions and living this around it? How will the polar regions melting effect life?

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   The most important thing to realize is that by us increasing the carbon dioxide levels to about 50% higher than they have ever been since the evolution of humans we are creating a world that mankind has never seen before.
    In your life time you will see whole countries go under water. That has begun now in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
   You will see weather changes that humans have never before experienced. That is happening all around the world as I write. What will happen in your greenhouse future  is at best a wild guess as we have no information from the last million years to be able to make predictions about the weather next year, anywhere on the planet.  
   But it will be very bad.
   However we can still stop runaway heating if we act quickly. We can fix it.
First we have to remove the accumulated excess CO2 now in the air. We can do that by switching to fertility enhancing agricultural; principally by ceasing to use strong agricultural chemicals.
   Second we switch to nuclear energy for power and biofuels for transport. Thatís how we keep any more carbon dioxide from reentering the atmosphere.
  Doing these things will save the world from
   Problem is that doing what I say will put the coal, gas, oil and agrochemical companies out of business. They know that so they teach us all to fear nuclear energy when itís actually incredibly safe. They teach us to ďsave the tropical rain forestsĒ because thatís the best place to grow biofuels.
  And they teach us that what we have to do is learn to live with the unknown effects.
So if you believe what they say then you wonít have a very happy life.
  My book Priority One explains it all and itís free to read on line at my web site .

Global warming/Climate Change

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