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Global warming/Climate Change/Climate Change and Vapor Trails


QUESTION: Hi, what is your take on the stuff all those jet liners are spraying our skies with on pretty much a daily basis.It is global, and i have seen them turn clear blue skies, into an ugly ,gray, hazy sky in no time at all. Some days it's so bad ,it looks like a checker board pattern, and never do we hear about what this is, or why it is being done on the main stream news or media outlets. This stuff has been sprayed in our skies and on us on an ever increasing schedule. All you have to do is look up on a clear day to see it.

Jet planes are no different from cars.   The both burn oil based fuels.   The exhaust gasses of both are predominantly carbon dioxide and water.   On the ground the water remains as a clear vapour.  Cool that vapour and it will condense to form fog or cloud.   At the altitude of jet planes the water turns straight into a high altitude cloud.
The carbon dioxide gas emitted by the cars or planes is transparent to the light our eyes are sensitive to.  However the carbon diode in the air, like the glass in a greenhouse, restricts the outflow of heat from the earthís surface.   The excess carbon dioxide in the Earth is causing the excess heating we call global warming.   That heating is causing climate change.
The silly thing is that the vapour trails that we see reflect sun light back into space so if anything those vapour trails are in fact very slightly tending to restrict the rate at which our biosphere is over- heating.
The exhausts from the car you drive on a pound for pound basis is more damaging to the earthís biosphere than exhaust from high flying jets.   
Dust particles and soot are the items most responsible for the haze you are complaining about.   Jet planes do not produce soot as their burning cycle is much more efficient than those of cars and trucks, diesel generators and coal fired power stations.  
To solve the energy solution problem we should immediately switch to nuclear energy for power generation and for transport, ethanol produced from sugar cane grown is cleared rain forest land.  The geocarbon  (geological carbon) industries have done a brilliant job convincing the gullible that nuclear energy  is dangerous and that tropical rain forests  are somehow good for the planet. And thatís nuts.  

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QUESTION: Hi again, i think maybe you misunderstood what i was saying.I realize that some jet planes do produce contrails at high altitudes.However what i am talking about is not coming from the engines but is actually being sprayed from these jets.It is coal ash that they are spraying and it contains high levels of barium,aluminum and strontium. This can not be good for the environment or our heath.Real jet contrails have never clouded up a clear blue sky not to mention they disappear right away.These trails that the other jets are spraying don't disappear,but rather expand and spread across the sky. And yet never a mention of this by the media outlets.Maybe because we are not supposed to know about this?

 Talking about high altitude commercial jet aircraft you say: ďIt is coal ash they are spraying and it contains high level of barium, aluminium and strontiumĒ.

 If you really believe thatís whatís happening, then I donít have the time nor any interest in convincing you otherwise.   I am sorry but I am a little busy and wonít have the time to respond  to any more to your illogical theories.  

Global warming/Climate Change

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