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Global warming/Climate Change/Global Warming theory or fact?


Hi Allan. I'd like to know if global warming is a theory or a fact. I know there are clear signs of climate change, but there also were very strange climate events throughout history, back when there wasn't or pollution. Thanks!

   There is no doubt at all, global warming is happening. UN figures inform us that an extra 250,000 people, at least, die each year from the new "extreme weather events" now happening all round the world. Including Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all nuclear accident that have ever happened , the total nuclear death toll is well below 250,000,total  The UN also tells us that air pollution from burning fossil carbon materials for energy is now killing 7,000,000 people per year.
   The Earth's biosphere is heating up and that heating is caused by us adding an extra one trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere over about the last the last 75 years. The Earth's biosphere includes the atmosphere, the water in the oceans and the land surfaces to a depth of about 1000 metres.
   The average temperature of the biosphere has nothing to do with the internal heat of the planet. It's temperature is totally determined by the optics of the sunlight on the planet, the reflection of that light back into space and the re-radiation of infrared light from the warm surface temperatures of the planet. Atmospheric carbon dioxide hinders the re-radiation effect so the surfaces temperatures have to be hotter to keep the re-radiation levels high enough.
   A very rapid and extremely deadly rise in the temperature of the biosphere is being delayed by the huge amount of heat required to heat the ocean waters. But that just delays the inevitable.
   To stop the heating and restore temperatures to normal requires us to extract all the excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere we have recently added, and to cease burning geocarboniferous materials for energy.
   Increasing the fertility of the world's agricultural soils by changing to a semi-organic type of farming and by not using agrochemicals will remove the excess. We just pay our farmers one US dollar a tonne. it would cost the world $10 trillion dollars. It also means the agrochemical industries would go out of business, over night.
   That gets it out.
   To keep it out we have to stop using geological carbon or geocarbon for energy. We switch to biofuels for transport, with assistance from battery operated vehicles. And for industrial power we switch to nuclear energy, with some assistance from wind and hydro power.
   That keeps it out.
   That also puts the oil, gas and coal industries out of business.But those people intend to stay in business. Same as the heroin and cocaine businesses who also intend to stay in business.
   The world burns about 8 billion tonnes of coal a year, about 5 billion tonnes of oil a year and about 2.5 billion tonnes of gas a year.
   At say 1% of sales allocated to keeping them in business, there is US$52 billion a year they have in their pockets to spend. A billion dollars a week. With that they bribe and influence politicians, news paper reporters, school teachers and especially all the various "green" movements around the world, and anybody else they think might influence public opinion their way.
   It's been very successful. For example: Most people believe that trees and rain forests combat global warming. And most people believe that nuclear energy is dangerous.
   The facts are that tropical rain forests are net producers of greenhouse gasses. And soil can absorb more carbon than trees. And nuclear energy is the most incredibly safe form of energy generation ever conceived. And after about fifty years nuclear waste becomes safe enough to mix with concrete to build schools for children.
   If enough people recognize what the reality actually is, and demand governments act to cure the problem then it can be stopped. We have a few years left to act. We don't have even one decade.  

Global warming/Climate Change

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