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I have 3 male nigerian dwarfs, 4 months old. all three have been
castrated. had them one month now. my next door neighbor, he  has one female pygmy, 12 years old. he cannot take care of her any more and asked if we can take her. my question is, will there be a problem having a 12 year old female with three males? is this going to be to hard on her? how will the dynamics work with this scenario?

Please advise.


Most likely the female will become alpha of the herd - with the boys castrated there may be some running around, chasing and trying to mount her but doubt that will last long, especially given the boys' young age.  Having an extra shelter available just in case she won't let them in their shelter would be advisable.  I don't see anything that would preclude the doe from living with the boys very nicely.  As an aside, if the doe is on any type of special grain made for does the boys should not have this due to the risk for urinary calculi from grain with an incorrect calcium to phosphorus ratio (2:1 absolutely needed with 3:1 excellent).  Hope this helps.  Hope this helps - Donna


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