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QUESTION: We had this boer goat show up at our house and her owners wont come get her. So we have decided that we would keep her for a bit. Not sure of her age or her history at all.  She is completely wild and will not let anyone touch her or near her.  We live out in the middle of nowhere and we are afraid something attacked her during the night about 2 nights ago. She is limping on her hind leg and is leaking milk all over the place. I have milk everywhere that she has been. she cries out all night. But she still wont let us near her. What can I do to get her milk to stop leaking out and help her pain?

ANSWER: Did she just have kids? If her udder is tense/tight and no one is milking her this could be the cause of the milk leakage.  The limp could be from an attack or it could be a sprain.  Sorry to say, but you will need to catch her to take a look at things - shaking a bucket with some grain in it may help you get her close enough to catch - hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: she has been at our house for over 4 months now and there has been no signs of any kids. she is still as fat as she was when she showed up. we have tried to feed her in the same place so that she would get used to us getting near her but no use. I will see if i can corner her in my chicken pin at night and put a lead on her and take a look. Maybe milking her to relieve  the pressure will help with her pain.

Thanks for the update.  That would be great if you can check our her hind leg - looking for warmth and/or swelling due to an injury such as a sprain, or perhaps there is a wound that is infected and that is the reason for limping.  Also milking her out might help if the udder is just so full that it leaks out of the teat, which is certainly possible.  Would also look to be sure she does not have an injury to the udder - a wound that goes to the inside of the udder certainly could allow milk to come out.  Hope this helps - Donna


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